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The Start of a new, Leave the old.

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    [This will be a accounting of stories in reverse as the first story will be before he left for Antares.]

    Looking out of the window in the waiting/observation room floor as a new ship only days away from completion a hylotl approaches next to him with an glitch associate following. She was in her matriarch years, with expensive dress, makeup, and fin style. All while wielding a small thin device about 27 x 21 centimeters, a screen on one side and the other just a backing cradled in her arm. In her other had a small pen-shaped instrument that she is using to tap on the screen.

    "Just a few more days and she will be complete. Where are you going to go now that you are no long in the service?"

    She spoke in a polite manner to him as her associate worked on the finally deals of the construct on the ship, using the same set of devices as her employer.


    The hylotl female scoffed at the answer, perhaps at the glitches short answer or just the answer in general.

    "Why do you want to got out there. It is such a back water lawless area of space. I wouldn't be surprised if it is nothing but bandits, pirates, cutthroats, or it could be worse and be nothing but floran infestation. Ripe with them waiting on helpless prey to devour and conjuror."

    In a fluid motion he looked to the hylotl, his visual light shining on her. In some ways this was not to intimate her before however the un-organic movement of certain glitch movements have that effect, especially on organic races.

    "I wish to go somewhere I can find a life."

    The Hylotl just stood there for a moment, visually disturbed by the glitch then suddenly burst in to laughter. However her associate look at the hylotl in complete confusion.

    "Oh that is a good one. You glitches and your jokes."

    Taking a moment to catch her breath, she would be quickly interrupted by the female glitch associate how speaks up with a bit of hesitation as not wanting to correct her boss.

    "Statement. He was serious."

    "Well who can get you glitch anyways."

    She kind of scoffed at her underling with hand dismissive movements before she walked to the other side of him.

    "I don't see why you need to go all that way out there to live. When you can do anything you want in this section of space, but whatever you want. Now to business, as you request the SAIL was give then name Jenkins. However they don't make or have yet made a female Glitch AI. While generally they are genderless they usually depict a male look. Due to the inconvenience we have discounted you that cost from the construction. As you can see, we did just what you asked and constructed the ship to be of a Gltich design. While it is not my taste, it fits you and your kin just fine. Now did you still want to go with the interior construction of gunmetal grey, reinforced girders, pressurized beams and dark grey piping?"


    "Okay then. We added everything else your requested. As far as the USCM communication codes and transponder that is something we can't provide. If the humans want to give up their communication lines to you, fine. I would rather not deal with those lowly beings, nor will I have may company do the same."

    Staring out at his ship taking in the steely taste of his new freedom from service, he crosses his arm keeping a deadly observation on the ship.

    "Not a problem. I didn't expect you to perform a simple task."

    After heard that comment the hylotl was in a huff now.

    "Well I never."

    On that note the Hylotl with her associate in tow left his presence. He looked at the young glitch, who gave a thumb’s up back to him. He turned his head back to looking at the ship. She was a beauty that is for sure, shame he will not remain in this sector of space.
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    [3 Months before]

    "Corporal, I am sure you understand why you’re in here."

    Here he stood in the room of the Brigadier General officer but it wasn't the general speaking, it was the Colonel. All resided in their dress for the debriefing. While his left arm was fixed it and all broken parts changed out but his arm was not completely functional, so it remained in a sling for the time being, till all connections were re-established. Like some cliché military movie the Colonel stare out upon the base with his hands clasped behind his back, as the general sat at his desk glancing over recent paperwork, but mainly the soldier’s military file and service records.

    "No sir."

    "Good good. Here is the thing Corporal. That last rescue operation was an utter farce. We were not prepared for the florans on that rock to have a coded USCM transmitter and to use it by creating a distress signal. We lost a lot of good men just to make a floran food buffet."

    "Yes sir."

    The colonel turned around from the window, taking a quick glance at the general.

    "I glad you understand corporal. However, this meeting is not about the rescue operation which you have already given your report on. The reason your here is you have a choice. Being that your squadron does not have a commanding officer, you fit the bill. On the other side of the coin your tour of duty is up. Meaning you have a choice to stay and command the Warring Choppers or end your service and become a civilian. What do you say son?"

    Both looked to the glitch standing before them, one of few glitches that volunteered for the USCM, more like involuntary compliance. He was utterly quiet for the moment, like a status he just let his processes work. As he was going to make his decision the suddenly flash of memory of the last mission changed his mind.

    "Sir. I'll become a civilian."

    "Are you sure son? We could use a lot of good Glitches like you."

    The Colonel asked his subordinate, as the General tossed the military file on his desk, and leaned back in his chair for a moment.

    "Yes sir. I am sure."

    Both men sighed heavily for the moment; he would like to think that both men were disappointed that they were losing a good soldier.

    "Very well. Sign your 1240/A and it was a pleasure working with you son."

    The colonel placed the 1240/A on the table in front of him, leaning over he signed the form. After he was done signing the form, he stood back up waiting in next order.


    He saluted them, preformed an about face and left the room. As of that moment he was no longer in the USCM and was a civilian. Granted he still had to pack one belonged he had, turn In all of his USCM issued equipment and sign nearly two dozen more forms to officially make his civilian status completed but it was a step.
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    [Two Week Prior]

    A gloved right hand emerges from the mud covered ground during the thunder storm on a tropical planet. Struggling to move, the hand smacked the ground before clawing at it. Slowly a helmet emerges from the same mud a slow rolling steam lingers and hovers around the head before it would be whisked but the wind from the storm. The previous right arm adjusted once again gripping the very ground that grips the being, followed by a grunting sound. Pulling once more, the shoulder appears but the arm is still trapped or worse. Pausing for a moment the helmet began to swivel for a split second, seeing that the coast is clear for the moment. Once again the right arm reaches out claws into the ground and pulling once more, till the rest of the being appears.

    Now that he is fully exposed and out of the hole he was forcefully put it. However now was not the time to relax things went bad and bad quickly. It was time to extract and get the hell off the rock they were dropped on. Assessing the situation in all its current state, he left arm was damaged at the elbow joint and hurt like hell. It was also thundering following up each flash of lighting that races across the sky while it was 0-dark thirty, the grounds were soaked from the heavy rains. Many of squad was dead and probably more on top of it if the forces continued to stay on their present heading. Now was not the time. He knows what he had to do.

    Moving over to the nearest body, that was carrying a communication pack. He rolled the body over; it was Jenkins good bot and good tech, except here she laid with her core exposed and half her head plating missing. Too bad, he kind of liked her. Now was not the time. He pulled grabbed her weapon with still half a clip in it, his head constantly looking up and spinning. Grabbing the communication pack receiver and began to speak.

    "Warring Choppers to command, copy."

    Static came over the radio as he pressed it against his head plating near his audio sensors as he wiped the water build up on his visual inputs and spoke again.

    "Warring Choppers to Command. This is Try-V2. Tango Roger Yankee dash Victor Two. Do you copy. Squadron has suffered heavy casualties. Natives are hostile. Repeat. Natives are hostile. Rescue OP is a no go. Repeat rescue OP is a no go. Copy."

    As lightning flashed over head the heavy static on the radio could be heard for a spilt second over the deafening rains before the thunder boom. As his audio sensor adjusted from the thunders after effects he heard the chirp from the radio.

    "Command to Warring Choppers. Please repeat message. Over."

    Continuing to keep his head on a swivel,

    "Warring Choppers to Command. This is Try-V2. Tango Roger Yankee dash Victor Two. Copy."

    "Copy that Warring Choppers. Status check. Over"

    "Squadron has suffered heavy casualties. Natives are hostile. Repeat. Natives are hostile. Rescue OP is a no go. Repeat rescue OP is a no go. Situation is FUBAR. Repeat situation is FUBAR. Request EVAC Over."

    Tear off the sleeve off Jenkin's arm placing his left arm into a sling, pain ravaged his body as he tightened the arm to his torso. He groaned in pain.

    "Warring Choppers request granted. Return to insert for dust-off. Repeat. Return to insert for dust-off. Copy."

    "Copy that command."

    Grabbing his weapon and the extra ammo he could to replace what he lost. Several others of his comrades were slowly coming too with groans, other screaming in pain. However none of them were his commanding officer so those that were under him, he started issuing orders to. Which was simply grab what you can, any wounded alive were to be carried or dragged. They were evac-ing at the drop point.

    "Move out."

    As they move out of the area and back to the drop as fast as they could, another set of screams erupted out of the jungle. He waves two of his able bodied marines to the front, which was difficult with one hand holding a gun but still do about to maintain silence. They moved again, guns at the ready toward the scream which were slowly dying in numbers. He knew that the natives were pressing the drop and if he wanted any chance of getting off the rock it was going to be a fight.

    Upon emerging to the destination of the screams there was only a couple left. He walked up to one of them and kneed down, but by the looks of the marine he was a nonhacker.


    "They came out of nowhere man! Suddenly a lighting flash and before the thunder was heard my team is dead!"

    That much was obviously, and this guy was going to dying soon if his leg does not get tied off. Try moved quickly, patching up the humans missing leg with a quick tight off and a make-shift cover on the open stump end.

    "Sir, Can you shoot?"

    "Course I can shoot, canner!"


    "Wait what are you thin...!"

    Before the human could get another word out he gave the human his rifle, ordered a move out despite the human out ranking him. Then grabbed the human by his protect vest collar and started to drag him. Those that were not carrying wound had encircled those that were, including him.

    As they neared the dust-off point rifle fire started to erupt from the right and left of them, but it was not long before they would be getting into the act. Sure enough as soon as a massively flash of a lightning bolt the natives started attacking them. Sending arrow, needles flying, and to a lesser extend blades.

    These particular floran were savage, feral, and the stuff human parents tell their kids when they refer to the boogeyman. For the hylotl's these were the ultimate evil the pushed them from their planet. Feeling the extra jerking from his newly acquired cargo only confirmed that the natives were looking to have what he had for lunch, then leave him in scraps. Now was not the time.

    "Double time."

    Not a sensible order during a fire fight but it was keep the florans on their back and not give them a chance to have the squad fighting on multiple fronts. As they enter the drop clearing a duster lifted from the ground spraying a line down the flight path into a group of florans.

    As their duster slow descended above them lighting up the opening in the jungle flora, Try ordered the injured on first then the rest. His own cargo was still letting the floran's have the what for in terms of a high metallic diet. Once the duster landed and the hatch fully open soon as it touched down. Try board quickly with his cargo, but only half along the deck before he grabs his gun back and headed toward the opening to aid those that were still keeping the natives at bay. He opened up a few burst as the last of his squad rushed on board and continued to hold the line with them till the door was completely closed as it lifted off.

    As the boat lurched and rocked he made his way toward the cockpit, he worked his way during the rough ride and saw many expectants, but that was his unprofessional medical diagnosis. Grabbing a hold of the wall of the cockpit to stabilize himself noticing both of the two pilots doing what they do best.

    "Get command on the horn and explain to them we have wounded, and they should be expecting."

    The co-pilot on the left looked back to his right,

    "You’re not the only ones. Beside the one duster in front of us, there are two more behind us. All have wounded, all paid the same price."

    Try looked back toward the back where so many of his comrades were, then back to the co-pilot.

    "That was obviously a trap."

    The duster lurched to the left, the co-pilot returned to his duties for a moment as the he and the pilot correct the instability.

    "No agreements from me Corporal on that."

    For a moment he watched as they cleared the atmosphere and the stars of space became visible. On that note he turned toward the back slowly making his way to a place to flop down and wait for a long rest. As for his arm they were probably going to cannibalize from any of the expectant that are returning from the mission. It wouldn't be the first and it wouldn’t be the last. However for now he just relaxed on the flight back to base.
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    One week before

    Sparks erupt on to the floor over and over like a steady stream of fireworks, except this was no holiday. The plasma arc worked at a decent pace as it heated up the metal into molten form then was blows the metal away from the cut. On the occasion a blow back occurred sending spark into the air. However for a glitch this was nothing, as the shard of hot metal would simply bounce off their shells and on to the floor between and around a pair of boots.

    Standing at the outer hull opening leaning against his forearm watching the sparks with his visual sense, and behind him his audio sensors were full of weapons, and conversation.

    Checking and rechecking of weapons is common, however several of his other squad mates were talking without designations. Organic have non-designated gltich talk a kin to an emotionless AI. Computer talk is what they say. Several of them had joked that they should simply talk in binary to see how the organics feel then, probably just as they feel when trying to figure out the emotional reflection of a glitch, difficult. They call us many things, both him and his squadron has heard them all. Such as: Toaster, Canner, Bolthead, Tinman or Tincan, Gearhead, Heartless, Blockhead, etc. Honestly he never felt them being hurtful or degrading but then again he always focused on his duties and nothing more. This time was no different as his attention was upon the cutting, as they have been cutting for nearly three hours, first the outer hull and now the inner all.

    It was cramped within the docking tube, but that was nothing new for them. They were design to only hold a small squad to breach ship docking ports or hulls, when beam pads were disable. He never ever thinks about it but never the less here they are standing in a small tube with near to thin flexible walls suspended between two ships. Defenseless, vulnerable, along with a well-placed sniper should along a ring segment and their entire squad would simply float in space counting done the seconds to die. Never a pretty thought but perhaps in this line of work it was a wise idea to always remember your own mortality, even as a glitch.

    Suddenly the loud screech of metal being move, followed by a echoing thud of metal on metal only confirms that the breach hole was complete. This operation was like so many of theirs previously, search and rescue. However they rarely did derelict operations. Sure being dropped planet side to see why they lost communication with a colony or outpost can be considered derelicts. some results were biological, as a virus or disease from the planets bio-sphere conflicted with the colonist. Perhaps it was a military disaster, critical mechanical failure, or other what not’s.

    "Lock and load! Alpha team heads to CIC and secures the bridge. Bravo Team search for survivors. Charlie you got engineering, this ship is to be functioning within two hours."


    For him the true derelicts were ships simply floating in space dead, lifeless, holding secret that should not be dared to be exposed. Yet here they were forcefully entering into a derelict answering a distress call. Mullet, one of the squads few techs on team Charlie dropping the plasma arc cutter and grabs two large boxes. They were loaded to the lid with tools, all needed to get a hunk of junk going again. Try readied his standard USCM assault rifle with three extra clips, combat knife, one handgun with four extra clips, and four grenades. He was on bravo, an odd place for him. Has he usually operations as a commanding officer in mission, but this time he was under direct order by a sergeant. The Staff sergeant was on Alpha, with the squads second sergeant on Charlie. With the recent set of promotions the squad ranks are a bit odd. However this was nothing new, as from time to time it comes up. Though for him it has only happened twice, once on this squad and the other was in his last one.

    "Move out!"

    As they moved in to the dark derelict ship alpha headed to the left toward the bow. Charlie headed immediately right toward the stern. Bravo was the biggest of the three teams as they had to cover decks after decks to search. Second in line Try followed his sergeant, flash lights on, and red flares being lite down dark corridors. He continued to sweep his rifle right and left as they continued along their way to the main stairs, as the elevator system was down. It was clear to him this ship was completely dead, not power what so ever. The air was stale according to his respiration sensor, very old air. However he has been in ships with the same stale air and people survived. He calculated the odds of surviving the situations many of the humans his squad have rescued. The average of survival in such an environment was not 5%, yet over the months organics have shown to change the calculations.

    "Fan out. Chirp if you found survivors."

    Upon the upper decks they began to fan out in all direction, flares being popped off like candy. Try headed starboard, this was the service center accord to the ships design and layout. Unlike his some of his kin, Try has a low-light modification sensor upon deactivating his flash light. While it is not a flashy visual sensor such as an infrared, ultravison, or thermographic., the low-light sensor is a light magnified optical sensor that can function in extremely low light. To a organic this is a wireframe overlay upon their display but to him the world come to a whole new light in the dark. The Radio chirps from his helmet.

    "Alpha team. CIC is secured. Charlie Team, status check."

    "Charlie team here. Engineering room secured. Central power line is severed. Result analysis suggests secondary explosion from improper FTL deactivation. Conclusion lack o...."

    "I don't care why it happened. Get it up."

    "Yes sir. ETA thirty minutes. Charlie team out."

    Shaking his head, he always finds it comical the crap the techs go through from the officers, also expected to preform task with impossible time frames. However his closest squad mate Jenkins was one that could get anything done. Between the two of them they would joke that she could an entire ship up and running with a plasma cutter, spool of bailing wire, and paint striper. Of course the staff sergeant was not a glitch of patience, probably one of the very few glitches he knows that was that way. With a high probability that was most likely why those he did know here leader of a squad.

    Entering into his three rooms his quick movement back and forth across the entrance as he slowly and silently walked around, behind and around placed of hiding by survivors. Once again this room was negative, it was nothing new. At this time is when he would be running run times analyzing what organics would do. Most of his runtimes usually resulted in organics having built us stress, then quickly stepping to depression. Perhaps it was the hopeless feeling of not finding what they were looking for or simply that something could pop out at them at any time. Once again his radio chirps upon his audio sensors.

    "Bravo team report."

    "Bravo team here. Situation is null sir."

    "Roger that Bravo keep us posted."

    "Yes sir."

    Leaving perhaps his sixth room which was a linen particle decontamination facility (laundry room) and reentered into the corridor heading to the next room, he noticed his low light sensors showing a solid black space; from the shape he identifies it as a pool of liquid from experience. Switching his visual sensors back to normal and turning his flash lights on to illuminate the liquid from his position making it easier to see. At a glance he would tell it was glitch fluid but that did not stop him from reaching down and placing his left index finger into the liquid. Bring it close to his visual sensors and moving the liquid between his gloved fingers. All confirm what his initial assessment of the liquid. Wiping his glove off on his BDUs, he reached up toward his helmet and pressed upon the radio button, the radio chirped.

    "Bravo team leader, this is Tango. Copy?"

    "Bravo leader here. Report."

    "Sir. I have glitch fluid upon corridor 34 floor."

    Before he received a reply Try turned off his flash light, then switched to his low light while keeping his rifle moving.

    "Any evidence of gltich bodies Tango?"

    "Negative sir."

    "Very well, keep a watchful sensor. Alpha team you copy that?[/color]"

    "Copy that Bravo. Resume operation. Report any evidence of glitch and organics."

    "Yes sir. Bravo continue on."

    He didn't reply to the last chirp, there wasn't a need to do so. Rising back up to his feet, he moved on to the next room. This situation seemed odd, as there was no glitch on the ship manifest, according to the USCM last report. None of his squad mate were injured, as radio chatter would indicate so. As he entered into the eight rooms, it would only take a few minutes before he cleared that room.

    "Bravo leader, Tango here."

    "Yes Tango?"

    "Section 4 finished."

    As soon as he finished his chirp other of the bravo team began to chirp in and stated the same.

    "Very well Bravo team proceed to lower deck. Operation 2.74 minutes ahead of schedule."

    "Copy that Alpha team. Bravo moved out."

    He moved back toward that main stairs, along the way he meet up with others of the squad till the full team was moved to the lower deck. Once again they fanned out upon the next deck. Granted the lower in the decks they get till the middle the large the decks in size get, which is probably a good thing they are ahead by two minutes. However he cannot get over the fact that there was gltich fluid just residing upon the floor and yet know bodies on the upper deck was found. When he was close to his squad mates he observed each and every one of them and yet none should a sign of leakage. His current calculations were not adding up, so to speak.

    Clearing the deck was going as planned, yet still none of the squad had come across bodies. However more of the other team members have reported seeing fluids, both organic and inorganic. Alpha continued to request status checks from both the Bravo and Charlie team. Charlie was getting most of the Alpha's wrath. Time was ticking down for them and it got to the point where Jenkins was talking directly to the staff sergeant. Granted it was not the first time that those two were having private conversation across the radios. He had accounted for nearly thirty seven times where they conversated, most were not during a mission but sometimes the techs are not the only ones to hack a radio. He was sure that both Jenkins and the Staff sergeant were building a relation with each other; sure they have not going to be building a new glitch any time soon. Suddenly stopping he concluded that if they did find some bodies, they would have enough parts to do so, excepted UCSM regulations on fraternization between different ranks was looked down upon. Which according to his calculation he had a high probability that him and Jenkins would make a new glitch in a relationship, far greater then Oscar would have.

    Nearing the end of his section on the deck to clear his radio chirped.

    "Charlie team to Alpha."

    It was Jenkins this time, to a organic you could not tell that she was distressed but she was. He knew something was wrong and started to move toward engineering.

    "Alpha here, report."

    "Sir. We have found the true reason why the power is out."

    "Charlie just spit it out."

    At this point it was no long Jenkins on the chirp; it was Charlie’s team leader. Even he seems distressed. Granted all derelicts had a high calculation something was going to go bad.

    "Alpha you're going to need to come see this."

    "Very well. Bravo make you way to engineering."

    "Copy that Alpha. Bravo move out."

    He did reply was he was already on the way in double time. His low-light sensor make it easier as he to the stern on his current deck. As he moved he noticed that the further and further he headed to the stern the more and more pool of liquid resided on the floor, it got to the point where the pools were smeared. Eventually he reached a maintenance hatched and so did the liquid. As he entered the maintenance shaft his boot slipped from the ladder rung, trying to catch himself with his other hand dropping his rifle. However that was a no go as his soon as his gloved hand grabbed the rung it slipped off. Moments later he found himself upon the floor after a 2.7m fall upon his rifle, which gave a very interesting sensation of pain upon his lower back. He groined a bit as he moved off his rifle, each movement hurt some, the jarring of internal components tend to bring quite a it of pain. Getting to his knees and reaching down taking his rifle from the floor. It was probably best to switch his visuals back and illuminate the issues he just experienced. Cracking a few flares and tossing then back up through the hatch, then cracking a free more on the floor by the ladder. It was enough light to show the reflection of the liquid in the area. On that note he turned on his flash light and started moving stern once again.

    Taking nearly five minutes he would arrives into the engineering. Granted as soon as he arrived, all of bravo team was there and alpha just arrived seconds later then he did.

    "What happened to you Tango?"


    "Then explain what is on your back."

    Looking over his shoulder and then back to his commanding officer.

    "I found a fluid trail when heading toward the stern."

    He could tell that the staff sergeant was not amused by his comment but it was the truth and after the time that have spent together the staff sergeant know just to take it with a grain of salt.

    "Very well."

    Turning his attention to Jenkins, needless to say for him it was being checked out by a medic. Once concluded he did not have a life threatening injury he returned to the group, in the middle of the conversation.

    "What do you mean that the FTL and Power will never come on line?"

    "Sir all the fluid that has been reported by the squad during the search. That is why."

    "What in the metal shell are you talking about?"

    At this point Jenkins step forward.

    "Look Oscar. I'll explain."

    He turned to look toward his direction.

    "Tango. When you came down that maintenance hallway did you come across a blast door that a pool of fluid resided under that was heavily damaged."

    Being surprised but the question it took him a minute to answer.


    "What are getting at Julie?"

    "Sir that fluid leads to the main FTL chamber. Here follow me."

    It was at this point that Jenkins led Oscar and granted the rest of the squad. Through an opening blown open by the cause to the power situation and into another room. It was at this point Jenkins stop and did nothing but stare at what he could only conclude as the FTL main chamber.

    "Well Julie."

    Oscar was getting impatient with her, but it was the Charlie team leader stepped up to the plate. Even going as far as touching Jenkin’s shoulder before dismissing her, she retreated to the other room, just beyond the blast hole and she sits down next to the opening. At this point he his own plating felt like it was tingling, to see Jenkins so shaken was unnerving.

    "Okay November this better be damn good to have Julie be dismissed."

    "Oh it is sir."

    Still Oscar was impatient, but November was not joking when he said so. With a couple of unlocked, and a press then a pull that chamber opened up. It was obvious that this was opened up once before as it was no longer pressurized. As soon as it opened a dismember arm of a human falls to the floor to reveal even more. Bodies were piled upon other bodies the mix of both glitch and humans. Lubrication fluid and blood mixed together in some odd dance of death as it had collected upon the bottom of the chamber. The look of horror face, the blank visual inputs was very unnerving and now he could see why Jenkins was having a problem. However as he looked over the pile he noticed something interesting. They were hive-mind glitches as by their dress. Sword and arrows were sticking out of the human bodies and some of the glitches bodies.

    Many of the others gasped, even a couple of his fellow squad mate spat up bits a piece of earlier meal, which mostly looked like metallic bits with a black liquid. Needless he just stood there waiting for Ocsar to give his order but he was box-less for the moment as his visual inputs just stared at the grisly sight.


    Quickly he shake his head a moment and spun around to look at the squad, who were either horrified or just awaiting orders.

    "Okay... Yes. Right. Charlie team I want you to get the power online. We don't need this ship moving just need the lights on. Bravo team resumes looking for survivors. Alpha team we are heading back to CIC. Once Charlie gets the damn power online I want to know what the hell happen to this ship."

    "Yes Sir!"

    The squads voice echo throughout the compartment. He needless to say didn't say anything, as he just stared at Jenkins for the moment before the teams broke up again. Of course he notice Oscar immediately going to comfort her, while he would of done that himself. He still had a job to do, as they were still on the mission.

    As a unit bravo team moved at double team to get back to where they were. It was not long before all members were right where they once were. He began his sweeps once again, room after room he swept as did his other squad mates. It wasn't till they were nearly 2/3 of the way through the ship when the lights flickered to life, and his vision switched back to normal. The whole situation did not calculate right. How that is the entire crew of humans suddenly had glitches on board and not less Hive-mind glitches? Why are hive-mind glitches up here? All USCM information on the hive-minded glitch all concluded that the hive-mind was stuck in as they referred to it as the proverbial ancient medieval times. So why were they on this ship attacking humans, especially since this ship was a transport ship? Many of the questions he asked himself only resulted to the ship logs in the CIC center. This didn't stop his mind from calculating the possibilities such as a group of hive-mind started to become self-aware but not enough to separate themselves from each other.

    As his team ended up on the final lowest deck, spreading out as they have don't a dozen times before in this ship. This deck was mainly cargo holds with shipping containers; crates filled with various what not’s that had not barring on the mission at hand. As he made his way toward the stern, he entered into one of many large corridors. Radio chatter was at a minimum since the grisly scene, so his radio was not an issue. However there several sounds of low thumping on the deck plates, as he rounded a corner he barely caught of glimpse of a figure disappearing beyond another corner. Quickly in a bolt he ran toward that corner, safety clicked off his rifle.

    As he arrived around the corner at a three way intersection there was nothing but he still could heard a thumping sound, like that of running. Reaching up he chirped his radio.

    "Tango to Bravo team. copy."

    He moved to the middle of the intersection and kneeled down keeping his head and rifle on a swivel.

    "Go ahead Tango."

    "Sir, I just spotted a bogey moving port but lost sight down corridor Echo 5."

    "Roger that Tango, can do describe this bogey?"

    He queued up his visual memory and examine the glimpse he saw a singular foot, and brown hair flowing that of both looking to be human in nature. He analyzed the foot; from the shape and size he concluded it was a young human perhaps in the 8 to 9 year old age range.

    "Sir, it appeared to be a human with long hair. Visual memory has only spotted hair and a foot. Analysis suggest that it was child human, perhaps female, but possibly male with long brown hair."

    "Ten-four Tango hold position. Bravo team forms a grind off Tango's position. Keep observant. I want this bogey cornered and identified."

    "Yes Sir."

    Staying kneeled down he stayed ever watchful sentry, it would several minutes as the rest of his squad formed a grind off of where he was before the radio started to come live. The first confirmation on the bogey was heading port and then bow. His rifle follows the direction of the calls as he held his position. Each sighting gave more and more information of the bogeys description. It was an actually female human roughly in the age bracket of 8 to 9, tan-ish skin, and brown hair. The sighting got more and more frequent as the team moved as a grind toward the direction the girl was running. A wave glitched ever closes on her position. It got to the point where he was in sight of other and the radio chirping stopped and everything was done by hand signals.

    As he was signaled to move forward up to one meter ahead, he did so after a nod. Like a set of metal frogs moving through the guts of the ship looking for the fly. It would come when a loud set of hellish human female screams and it was Papa who dragged her out kicking and screaming.

    "Shush human shush! We're not going to hurt you."

    Needless to say that did not work and not that she was better in the open, her hellish screams were louder causing a great amount of feedback on his audio sensors. It got to the point as they were dragging the girl back to the no one could hear Oscar over her scream, even those with internal radios couldn't hear him. Finally Indigo walked up to the girl and just knocked her out with the butt of his rifle.

    "What the hell did you do that for?"

    "We need orders and none of us can hear Alpha Team."

    As this point Delta finally could hear Oscar and he relayed the message by Alpha Team to immediately head to CIC. He of course calculated the percentage chance of them getting yelled at and over several runtimes that percentage was higher each time.

    When Bravo team arrived in the CIC where Alpha team was, immediately Oscar stated to inquire around the girl and why she was unconscious. Of course no one spoke up first, and it wasn't till Victor snitched on Indigo that it started to get interest. Both started to get into a fight, console terminal was broke and both where ordered off the bridge and in the hallway to have a small private talk with Bravo team leader and Oscar. If to him it was funny to hear Oscar on rant.

    Meanwhile Kilo and Yankee held on to the human girl while and Alpha team medic checked her vitals overs. He walked over to one of the Alpha team techs, X-ray who was buys looking at a terminal. The data upon the screen was moving incredible fast, but that was nothing know when it came to DIC, or Direct Interface Computing as the human called it.

    "Find anything of interest?"

    "Gigs of interest and I am not even to the point when the ship was in full operations."

    X-Ray never moved his head has his visual sensor just ran through the data. X-Ray was a wiz when it came to computers, granted most Glitch were, but for him he was an artist. Out of all the hacks that ever needed to be performed by the squad he had a 100% rating. Granted even he had a rating of 87% but for most hacking he just found them to be boring and would get distracted on other runtimes while hacking and fail the hacks.

    "That much huh?"

    "More then I care for, but oddly enough the AI was more than helpful at the situation."


    "ALL RIGHT! Listen up. Kilo and Yankee get this girl back to out ship in the med-bay and place it on lock down. You two are guards. Make sure you have one of the medics on the ship give her a through exam. Also get a shrink. How knows what trauma she has suffered."

    Both of the soldiers carried the kid out and headed back to the ship. Turning his attention back to the gathering of Bravo and Alpha team he order a status report. Bravo team leader explained what bravo team found and how it came about, granted his name was mentioned but of course no "good job" was given. He continued to explain what Alpha team had found, which honestly wasn’t much. However that does suspect that the ship derelict status was like this for nearly two years as projected. Once they comb through all the data they would know. He further stated that Charlie team was preparing the ship for towing, which needless to say was dangerous well. Especially when it was suggested by Julie that they could tow even at FTL speeds. That main problem was, when they decelerated out of FTL speed to normal that towing ship would slam right into their ship. Oh and did this not cause some groaning among the two teams. However Oscar was finished for the day and was no long having it. Hell he was barely even listening to his officers at this point.

    Once they were all dismissed he headed back to their ship, and even half of Charlie team joined them, half of Alpha would remain on board to continue their investigation.

    Over the matter of hours the breach hole was fix, repaired, and patched back so the derelict hull could pressurize. The docking tube was retracted, and our ship was maneuvered in front of the derelict. Like right up against it, cables where link to both ships so that the AI's could make the necessary calculations for a duel ship tow FTL jump. The second half of Charlie team preformed space walks to weld support beams between the two ships, making is seem like they were just one ship. After he finished his duty he retired to himself his seat where he just waited for the FTL jump operation to begin.

    Upon hour four hitting the ship speak came to life with Oscar’s voice polluting it.

    "Alright, both AI's have calculated our chance of this successful jump and it is clear. Very close, but doable if everything works out well enough. Charlie team did a beautiful job at getting the derelict FTL ready, but without engines out ship will function as the derelict's FTL drive. Now on my mark initiate FTL Jump, to rendezvous coordinates.

    There was a long pause upon the speakers before the count began to happen.

    "On five... four... ready... steady... GO!"

    The sudden spooling of the ship FTL drive strained of the extra load attached to the hull, then in a flash FTL was achieved.
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    2 months 29 days before

    Gently lulled into to the room which was 20x15 ft. (6.096x4.572m) with mild commendations like a table in the middle with two chairs, one wall had a one way mirror roughly 3x5ft (0.9144x1.524m) long. Standard procedure had probably nearly 3 officers observing, along with a psychiatrist, and lastly a recorder. Being gently forced upon the chair in lovely corn yellow one piece outfit with cuffs being cuffed to that chair. That "supposed" ominous single light bathed the table with light as it shining down keeping the out shirts of the room darker than actually it is. There was a least four armed guards in the room, and of course the comedian of the night, the interrogator.

    Trying to play bad ass in the room he came in last, slapping the his file folder upon the table. It was a bit thicker than the last time he has seen it. Granted that was when he first enlisted and it was on the desk of a medical doctors desk.

    "All right canner. Let's get this started."

    The male over weight human sat down with brown hair, yellow eyes, and some oddly weird unkempt hair. There was a 93.687% chance he was going to keep this up the whole time for questioning.

    However the last two days he had been moved from one room to another, first was in the brig, then to the repair shop, then back to a different brig once repair and now here. It was nice to see Zulu's work on the walls. It perhaps the best reading Try had in a while. Try believe that Zulu forgot to add v = - a Tr(K) in his work but all in all very good reading.

    Try spoke up in his monotone voice box, lack of prefixes and all around not giving a whole lot of care about what happened in the last few days. Alone in the room he replayed the scrabbled recording over and over. It was a nice end to the mission.

    "Of course. I look forward to your questions. You might want to put on a pot of coffee first."

    The human looked at him with questioning eye barely able to pull out the sarcastic comment from his monotone voice.

    "Look what we have here a vending machine a funny side."

    He gave a halfhearted chuckle; it was more forced than anything else.

    "You should get comfortable, especially in the brig. You're going to be there for a while, a long, long while."

    "Very well sir."

    Shifting his body back in the chair while applying only about 83.51% of his strength slowly pulling up applying tension upon the cuff alloy. Breaking the cuff chain linking his first pair of cuffs to his chair, then with a bit of torque and a take more force the primary cuffs broke. Leaving them to dangle on his wrist he put his hands upon the table gently.

    Of course doing this lite the entire room up with activity as the interrogator jumping out of his chair and move out of the way and his armed guard to raise their rifle toward him.

    There was a very long pause as the room grow increasingly quiet, before Try looked around and then set his visual display upon the interrogator.

    "If you don't mind sir. Now that I am comfort, I would like to get these line of questioning over with so I can get back to my jail room, than receive a full pardon after that."

    The human rose up in anger knocking down over his chair and slamming his hand upon the metal table. The sound echoed for the walls as the other hand of the human point at him exaggerating every word.

    "Do you really think your going to be pardoned after I have over two dozen soldiers that watched you pull out a gun, then kill superior officer in cold motor oil?"

    "Actually I do. For I did nothing wrong and only killed a traitor."

    The human reset up the chair and sat down at the table, sliding over the file and opening it up.

    "So you admit that you killed that jukebox? Everything from here on out will be on record."

    Try looked at the human with a smile in his display, but in no way a human could see his smile.

    "Yes, however I am pretty sure this as already been recorded."

    The human looked toward the mirror for a second, then back to him.

    "Prisoner 5268 has admitted his crime for killing a superior officer in cold blood. However being that out of his entire platoon only five glitches survived. However four are currently under repair and resting while they recover. Glitch known as Charlie is currently going through therapy. According to glitch's statement the mission while a success had an unforeseen situation arise. For evidence purposes we are gathering information from the accused to the event leading up to the death of a glitch with the call sign Sierra. Full name Samantha Dover a decorated solider of the USCM organic support division.

    Prisoner 5288 state your name, rank and call sign.

    "Try-V2, Corporal, call sign Tango."

    "Prisoner 5288 for the record did you shoot Lima and Yankee?"

    "No. Lima sustained a round during a fire between us and Sierra and Yankee. Origin of the wound is unknown. You need to talk to her about it. As for Yankee it was Papa who shoot him."

    "What do you mean by us?"

    "The remaining platoon members under my command was Charlie, Lima, Golf, and Papa.""

    The human simply wrote down a few notes and looked back up to Try.

    "Let me get this straight. Your telling me that a cripple glitch with one arm with one eye was able to shoot a fully functioning glitch over a 194 feet (59.1312m) distance with just a handgun?"

    "Yes sir. While her visual display and targeting system was damage. I instructed that she compensate by moving 5.67 degrees to the left, and raise the barrel by 1.78 degrees. That would giving her a 82.401% chance of landing at least one shoot from a military graded standard issued 9mm handgun with a clip size of 15 rounds at a muzzle velocity 1200 feet (365m) per second on a planet having a gravity of 1.418."

    At this moment he was just messing with the human. He know they hated it when a glitch got overly technical.

    "From now on please just answer the question."

    "Yes sir."

    Flipping through a few pages of his file the human looked up again. Try just stared with a bored look on his visual display.

    "Now in your own word was the mission a success."

    "Yes sir."

    "Reports say that your platoon or at least what was left had been out of contact for over a month due interference. Can you elaborate on this."

    "Yes sir, but I am not going to."

    Irritated the human slammed his hand on the table.

    "Why the hell not?!"

    "Sir, you know damn well why. I am fully aware the military procedure would of have had the communication and mission command do a thorough scan and examining of the planet following the whole mission. Standard protocol allows for a one week window for communication contact before mission is considered a wash."

    The human was fully enraged at him.


    Slightly laughing on the inside at the human’s reactions he continued to remain looking bored and not moving at all. As the human straighten his clothing out and sat back down.

    "Fine you can play hard to get all you want it will not work. Perhaps a different line of questioning is needed. Prisoner how many of your platoon survived the mission when all the other squads had full causality?"

    "22 sir."

    "Over a month on the plant with limited supplies. How is it that the remaining platoon had enough supplies?"

    "After rationing we were down to just spare parts. No fluid, no food, and little moral."

    "From the mission site to the evacuation site. Reports show it was just over 42 miles (67.5924) in distance. Care to explain how and why you it took you a month to only go that far."

    "Ask Sierra sir."


    "Then ask Lima sir."

    Flinging the paperwork from the table on to the floor, Try just watch as he was easily able to get the organic to go from calm to raging mode in least then a second.


    "Yes sir, however I wish to clarify that you did not ask a question. You simply stated for me to explain the reason for the delay in time from the mission point to evacuation. There was no question."

    The human had nothing to say has Try was still messing with him.

    "Sir, If I may? You should keep a calmer demeanor during these lines of questioning. A human male of your size and age has a 72.45% of a Cardiovascular failure."

    The interrogator was fuming at this point and it would take him a few minutes to calm down enough to continue.

    "Shut it prisoner. Now, why was there such a delay?"

    "What remained of the platoon, marched heavily with wounded after the pyroclastic cloud. Sierra ordered us to rest in caravan where we resided until we could get in communications with command."

    Clearing his throat the interrogator unzipped his jacket some.

    "Why there?"

    "Due to the rocks sir."

    "What was so special about the rocks?"

    "The ash cloud from the volcano was creating some electromagnetic disturbance in the atmosphere. The cave rock walls where thick enough to not fire our systems."

    "Why didn't you move when the storm let up?"

    "Couldn't sir. After nearly 24 hours there 76 inches of ash upon the ground."


    The human leaned back in his chair.

    "So residing in the cave was out of survival due to the situation than?"

    "Yes sir."

    Taking a moment to human just sat there staring at him with an irritated face. Try figured the interrogator was trying to think of either what to ask next or say next. He kept cocking his head to the left than to the right looking over Try. Who was again messing with the human as he continued to keep his visual display from moving and not even morning an actuator.

    Suddenly that human sat up and lean his elbows upon the table folding clasping his hands together.

    "At this point in the investigation we are now going to ask the prisoner 5288 his recounting of the mission and then event leading to the death of Sierra, including the injuries of Golf, Lima, Yankee, and Papa. Also the reason for why out of 22 surviving platoon members only six members survived.

    For the record this is just an account from the Prisoner 5288. We have already had one statement already from Charlie. However due to the status of the other member Tango is the only other soldier that manage to live from Operation D446.

    Clearing his throat the interrogator looked at Try who was still remaining like the emotionless robot as he has been the whole time.

    "Prisoner 5288 for the record please give us your account for the mission and the event leading to the moment of evacuation by the remaining Dura Guard members. Would you please give us your account?"

    He in a sense chuckled on the side as the interrogator asked the question. Honestly he didn't have to ask the question, simply leaving it as a statement he would of started speaking anyways. In the sense of messing with the organic why not right?

    "Yes Sir. At approximately..."

    Try began his recounting of the event upon the flight to the mission operation. It would take nearly seven hours for Try to play back the entire mission. At time he got very technical just to continue and piss off the interrogator as well as bore the guards in the room. What was funny for him was to watch the organic squirm as they needed to perform their own waste operations. At a couple times Try continued to talk even after he was told to cease talking just to watch the organics dance. After four hours of consistent talking then entire room you could hear the organics stomachs growling. As he continued to recount the operation, he watched as the organic process and attention span slowly fade the longer they lacked food. At this point in time Try had consumed enough matter for his fuel systems that he could last more than a week without eating.

    Plus due to the organic's specie-ist attitude toward the glitch in the USCM especially for those that were dealing with his tender loving care. Granted they couldn't really beat him so from other glitches that have been in the brig that they go for more of the psychological side of things like starving, lot durations of silence in the hole, etc.

    After the lunch break for the humans, and surprisingly enough he even got a meal only cause his cuffs were broken. In the name of safety they kept him in the interrogation room, or it was probably due to the brass watching over the interrogation, while there was a 23.65% margin of error. Try was pretty sure he was correct in this matter. Resuming where he left off mainly when shit started to hit the fan. It was interesting to Try to watch the interrogator eye light up. It seems that perhaps Charlie had left out some of the more gruesome deals, where he gave all of the details. Down to the amounts, volumes, ratios, probabilities, and every other statistics, while most of the boring information slide off their glazed over faces. It was when the action or the events where member interacted with each other that really got their attention, but Try would string them along like a cat on a string. He found it so comical at one point the he actually burst laughing out loud in front of the organics. Thanks to the maker toward the end of the recounting because Try couldn't keep up the whole automation act. It was getting too much for him to keep up the act.

    Upon the following hour the interrogator was so on the edge of his seat that he knows he had not case on Try. During the entire time Try play back full audio of conversations, every word, even in their own voices. Oh it was rich to watch their face turn sour the longer he talked. Once he finished he sat back and up right like an automaton and just slowly turned his head toward the one way mirror in a creepy robotic manner. This tripped the interrogator and even some of the solider out.

    The interrogator cleared his throat and straightened out his cloths and having taking the file from the floor earlier to the table. He finished up writing the little bit of notes he had, he slowly closed the file and slide it off to the side.

    "Is there anything else you would like to add to the record prisoner 5288?"

    "No sir."

    "Very well. This ends the account of Prisoner 5288 on the operation. After hearing the recounting I have no more questions."

    The interrogator looked over to Try's file then back to the glitch.

    "Prisoner 5288 you know that what you have stated today is under record and is deemed classified? You also understand that you will remain in the brig until the full investigation has concluded. In which time you will then be presented in full dress in front of a sentencing board regarding the operation any their decision on that matter. Do I make myself clear?

    "Yes sir."

    At the moment the interrogator gathered up the file and left the room. Once he was gone Try was order to attention upon which they took over his old cuff off and put on new cuffs. Frankly Try did not mind being cuff, there was a 81.84% chance that these cuffs were made of stronger material to prevent him from breaking them like he did earlier. Really the previous moment was a simple display to the organics not to underestimate glitches, which is what really this whole situation was about. If Try wasn't standing here, Sierra would be, and when asked no he does not regret what he did. For not it is a waiting game.
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    2 days before

    "Command this is Alpha, Mike, Foxtrot! Do you copy?!” Static is received. The communication officer just tosses a rock toward the cave entrance in frustration.

    "Nothing, absolutely nothing"

    "Calm down, Charlie."

    His head swivel to look at Try, his visual sensor showed a bit of a flicker. He calculated that Charlie was 92.4% irritated, frustrated, and annoyed.

    "Go melt in a lava pool!"

    He didn't react to Charlie’s outburst as he was only displaying what we all have evaluated over several times, and recalculation day by day are only making the situation more dire.

    "I would but I hear it is rather hot. Beside there is no needs to get too worked up or you will over heat."

    Try watched Charlie as he flopped down by cave entrance to look out. They had been stuck on this hot, volcanic planet for just over a month, and the last two week there has been nothing but ash, ember, and even minor debris showers. Out of that from the thirty in the platoon that landed here to sabotage an apex experimentation lab, we lost two entire organic platoons during the fire fight and half ours. When the lab exploded the geothermal reactor took half the volcanic mountain and with a 2.74% chance that resulted in a series of unfortunate events. First the geothermal destruction of the volcano cause debris to rain down, pyroclastic flows, and debris continuing to ran down. When the drop ship do arrives that very debris would take them down one by one as well. Then to add more insult to injury, or in the case of glitch, sand in the joints the debris ejected into the atmosphere resulted into both ash and ember fall for these last several week. Now the ten have remained stuck in this cave during the storm, and it hasn't stopped. The heat is intense outside, bolts of lightning ripped the skies, fire rains down, and feet upon feet of ash like snow piling up, even drifting in places. Out of the ten, eight are fully functional and two are damaged but still alive.

    Looking over the squad that remains and now a new troubling calculating run-time as began within his mind. The numbers were slowly climbing and the results were not something he wanted to be around. His small time with the organics has taught him that their knack for getting into trouble is also the same for getting them out. Interesting run time study he has been running shortly after becoming self-aware. They weren't the only one studying them, and when learning more about the organics he came upon an interesting study of chaos theory, while the mathematics were sound. Though it hard for him to completely understand he has added it to his daily run-times, it has proven useful when working with organics. Even from time to time it works on glitches though the calculations take a bit longer due to glitch nature however not entirely out of the question. In this case the run time had gained enough data to acquire his attention. Now it was front and center his attention processes, so was the situation, the grimmer it gets.


    "This is total bullshit. Why haven't the USCM picked us up by now?" Lima.

    "It.. it... it c… ca.. cause..." Papa.

    Sighing. "What she is trying to say is that it is cause of the ash cloud." Quebec

    "What does that have to do with the USCM?!" Lima again.

    "Cause thick plated meatbag! The ash cloud is creating a storm causing an electromagnetic disturbance in the atmosphere." Charlie.

    "Alright quantum, then why are we not fired yet by the storm?" Lima.

    "Were too far." Golf

    Like him, all of the others looked toward Golf with questioning look on their visual displays. Partly due to this is the first time he has spoken since going into repair mode after taking the brunt from a pyroclastic flow before getting throw into water with the rest of the platoon. For him honestly it was probably one of the few times he was grateful for being a glitch in water. Their metallic sank like rocks quickly to the bottom of the small lake. Over head the cloud flow vaporized nearly three meters of water instantly, and who was in the middle of that? Golf. Nearly destroying him causing him to lose both arms and legs, few of his chassis plates being twisted, broken, and misshaped in spots, servos within his neck could barely hold is head upon or even allow much movement, and just over half his visual display was also destroyed. He had plenty of pot marks, gashes, and scratches over the plates that did not take the brunt of the force. For the most part he had been in repair mode for nearly three week, and now he was operating enough to.

    As the pause of shock for the moment wore off the conversation resumed.

    "FINE! So we are too far, trapped, and out of communications. What else could go wrong?!"

    A set of footsteps echoed from the back of the cave from a large enough opening for a glitch to just bend down enough to get though. Holding a small notebook in hand two pair of red emitting visual displays bounced as they exited the darkness into the orange-ish glow of the cave entrance, it was Zulu. Zulu was an interesting glitch per-say, while Try having noticed that some organics have very calculating minds and technical skills above others. Other organics would pick on them for their higher level of brain function, using the term nerd, geek, or egg head. Never really taking the time to ponder on it, but Zulu is the glitch form of that. He is always mumbling to himself, writing on any surface that gave him enough room to do so and probably the only glitch in the squad that has been to the brig more than any other for doing just that. In fact all of the Dura Guard platoon call the brig "Walls of the Damned", for anyone that goes in will be damned at mumbling equations for days after they are out. Oddly enough USCM finds this a rather effect why are disciplining solider, except Zulu who has cause them to repaint the brig dozens of times.

    "I have been doing some calculations and I need to know everyone's ration supplies."

    Those in the cave entrance did as ordered, Try on the other hand knew what the status of his owe supplies were, and this was why the run time was at 5.834%. As the others grew more and more voice full, they started to call out their supplies.

    "No no no no... This is not good. Not good at all.." Zulu

    "What is it Zulu?" Charlie

    Zulu continued to writing and crunching the numbers in his small notebook ignoring the conversation going on around him.

    "He.. he... .he..." Papa

    "He what?!" Lima

    "We... we...." Papa

    Try just chuckled in amusement at the how even some of the finest glitch mind can't even figure out the situation.

    "Yo man...If you guys don't. Like… umm explain the problem. I will just loose it, man." Yankee

    "Aah.. aah... " Papa

    "Duuude!" Yankee

    Golf gave a digital cough for a moment breaking the tension for a moment, "There is no more food left."

    That silences over the cave gave Try a sense of peace, while causing his bolts to tinkle. Despite the entire ruckus in the cave entrance he has wondered why there was not much echoing from the lower cave. Suddenly his attention toward the run time rose up fast to 10.159%. Try rose quickly slinging his rifle to his back and moved over toward Papa. Leaning down he wrapped his arm around her waist, as she reached up and grabbed him, soon she was on his shoulder. Papa was pretty messed up as well, not as bad Golf but enough to be missing an arm, leg, and took cranial plate damage. Most of her damage was due to just the full on fire fight with the Apex during the lab raid.

    They all looked at him with shock, but it was Charlie who spoke up first, "Ta... Tango?"

    Once Papa was good, he headed over to Golf or at least what is left of Golf. "Wha... What are you doing?"

    He didn't say anything as a lifted Golf in the cradle of his arms; Golf just gave an awkward nod for what he could do. The others looked on in silence but the rumbling for down low turned their attention more than him. Zulu started to freely out spouting some unknown equations, though Try only could get a fraction of what he was saying.

    "What is going on down there? Lima

    As they walked by Charlie, Papa reached out had grabbed Charlie's arm tightly, "wh..? Wai... ! Ho..ld... on!"

    Quietly he spoke up, "No. We need to go and now!"

    "[But why?" Charlie

    "You...you..." Papa

    "Tango has the right idea." Golf

    Lima noticed the three leaving with Charlie in tow, "Where you guys going? It is suicide out there!" The rumbling form the lower cave was getting lower. Yankee took no time and head down low with his rifle. Lima looked back and forth for a moment then followed Yankee, but a moment later Lima popped back up in the cave entrance, "Report to the low area stat!"


    Try ignored the order causing Lima to visually be frustrated.

    Looking still shocked Quebec turned to Lima, "What's going on?!"

    "No time! Get to down here now!" Lima yelled turning and heading back down with weapon in hand.

    Quebec followed Lima with gun in tow, while the four exited the cave having no part of the issue at hand. Charlie tried to resist Papa and Try but no such luck as they started making their way into the probably twelve feet deep ash fall nearly waist high.


    After about 13.5 minutes Charlie calmed down a bit and stopped resisting, everyone was covered in an inch to half inch thick layer of ash. The volcanic scenery could not be viewed by the as the ash fall cause visibility to be less than a few feet in front of them, and emitted an orange glow all around them. It wasn't till 22.7 minutes any conversation started back up from Charlie's resistant nature upon leaving the cave and the rest of the platoon.

    "Okay that is enough! I am not taking another step until someone tells me why we are out here! In this hellish wasteland!"

    Charlie did as he said and halted in the nearly middle torso height ash fall field. Try stopped as well and looked to Papa and then Golf; there wasn't much conversation or even action to speak of. However he slowly put down Papa on her one leg and gently assisted her to set upon the rock. He even handed Papa Golf which she held with her single left arm.


    Having finished a bit of formalities, he turned to Charlie with his green visual display.

    "What?" Charlie questioned awkwardly toward Try.

    He said nothing at first but just walked over toward him, and in one moment Charlie stood upright in the next he completely submerged in ash flailing about till her cleared enough of himself to look up to Try. Standing over him reaching down to grabbing Charlie by his upper chassis plating.

    "You want to know what's going? Well listen up. Back in the cave our comrades, our platoon mates, our brothers and sisters or fighting over the last remaining supplies."

    "But we're soldiers!" Charlie

    "That does not matter Charlie. What remaining supplies do you think is left?"

    Charlie's visual display blind a few times, as a glitch can tell when another glitch is crunching the numbers. Then his visual display went completely solid and the two solid visual lights shift to him.

    "You don't mean?" Charlie.

    "Ye...yep." Papa.

    Try dropped Charlie back into the ash causing him to flail before cleaning off his visual display, "But the Maker you can be so dense. Yes Charlie. The only supplies we have left from is parts. So we got the hell out there and that is why we got out of there. I didn't want our two most injured platoon mates to be the first for the scrapyard. Now! Do you get it?"

    Turning around he walked back over to Papa and Golf, taking Golf first then Papa once again carrying the pair. He turned toward Charlie’s who was a bit shocked, but then he came to the realization.

    "Yes. Yes I get it now." Charlie.

    "What are you going to do? Are you going back or coming with us?"

    Charlie looked back toward the direction they came from then to try, Papa, and Golf.

    "What's your plan?"

    "It was discussed a few days ago while you out. We plan to walk out of the ash fall cloud in perpendicular direction, then get in to communication range and call out." Golf.

    "An... and...and.. w... we..." Papa.

    "We need you, but do what you want. Golf has enough communication equipment to call out, but it is not nearly as strong as yours."

    "I get it now." Charlie

    Try turned with the three continuing to head on, grudging through the mid torso high of ash fall.

    "Wait?! All come!"

    Charlie quickly rose to his feet and ran, well more like shuffled quickly just too caught up.

    "No way am I going back to be a bag of parts for them."

    Papa lifted her head and turned to look at up at Charlie with her only visual light giving him a small smile in them.

    "How do you know where your heading?" Charlie asked.

    "Lo...loo...look... at...at.." Pap tired as usual.

    "Look at the ash falling from the sky."

    Looking up as he walked, "It's falling sideways." Charlie stated

    "There is your answer." Golf.

    "Huh?" Charlie.


    The group continued to move the ash fell toward the left, the ash field remained at the same thickness as it has been from sometime over the hours. The group was slowing down and tiring out, as well as the ash was started effect the legs and hip actuators upon Try, but granted he was carrying a heavier load than Charlie. Before long the four came to another cave that Papa pointed out and Try moved them too. As Try ducked in and entered the slight dark cave Charlie hung outside for a moment.

    "Why are we stopping here? Aren't you worried that the others will come and follow us?"

    "Of course I'm worried. However we have been walking for two hours solid, my legs are stiffing up due to the ash."

    Try kneed painfully down to the ground propping Golf gently against the wall and then also gently set Papa against the wall as well.

    "Tha... tha... tha..." Papa

    "No need to give thanks."

    Charlie followed into the cave with his weapon at the ready, once in the flopped drowned and leaned against the wall. Try on the others hand moved toward the entrance slinging his own gun to his front. He sat down exhausted from carrying the others two, looking to Charlie then to the others.

    "Not to sound like a broken record but what is they plan? How do you expect us to survive with two injured glitch and no parts or rations? Also now the four of us have disobeyed a direction order by a superior. They are going to disassemble us."

    Not once looking over toward Charlie as both Papa and Golf sat and listened.

    "We told you the plan. We are moving out of this ash storm and get to communication range. Yes I do expect us to survive with a 74.73% and a margin of error at 3.42%. It is better than surviving with the rest of the squadron. As for disobeying orders, the way I see it I kidnapped Papa, Golf, and while you tried to get them back. It didn't work and you were dragged too far away in the ash fall to find your way back and had to come long to make sure the others don't get hurt. The whole time you have been trying to talk sense into me, as you were not sure what I might do."

    Charlie became shocked once again hearing his question being answered with such a detail, he took a glanced to Golf, "And you two are okay with this?"

    "Actually it was Papa's idea."

    Charlie look first to Papa then to Try, then back, "That is bull shit. Papa hasn't been able to say anything, let alone get a single syllable word out."

    Try chuckled for a moment which causing Charlie's head to snap to Try.

    "What is so funny?!

    "Papa let us know of her plan by tapping on the on the rock. I am surprised for a communications officer you did know the USCM Morse code."

    Again Charlie looked back to Papa with jaw open and all he received from her was again was a smile from her emits light per-say.

    "Don't be so surprised. She is one of the best in Dura Guard when it comes to planning." Golf.

    "That is for sure. Plus she had spent countless hours going over the typography of the operation and the region surrounding it. So we do know what we are doing and where we are going, but I am not going to lie the ash fall is making it difficult."

    Try rubbed his knee actuators with the left hand for a bit before going back to watching the ash still falling from the sky.

    "So how far do we need to travel before getting out of this hellish place?" Charlie.

    "According to Papa's calculations, we still have five hours of travel just to the edge of the ash cloud fall and another half day to the top of another peak top. Granted that does include at least 6 hours of rest."

    "And you expect all of us to make it there?"

    The slight sound of metal rubbing upon the stone wall is heard getting the attention of both Charlie and Try. It didn't faze Papa as she was in sleep mode and probably repair mode.

    "We do expect that we will all make this. The equation results say so, and not just mine.'

    "He's right. Our biggest problem is the others and being that there were ten left for the mission. One disobeyed order and kidnapped the other three during an infighting of the six others. I calculate 66.67% kill the other half and are now savaging for parts, fluids, and other goodies we glitch contain."

    Charlie remains quiet during the discussion.

    "A very good assessment. It will probably give them at least two more days of survival assuming they suffered at least 42.9% from damage in the initial fight. Spread it equally among the remaining, while two would provide parts a plenty, fluid on the other hand is a different matter. The worst part is the if both me and papa were there the odd would still be the same if both you and Charlie survived, but I doubt she would let that happen."

    "I agree. In fact she never di..."


    Try stopped speaking as soon as the run time jumped quickly, it also caused him roses to his feet, knees be damned. He ready his rifle upon his shoulder continued to point it toward the outside. Both Charlie and Golf looked up to Try, even Papa awaken and looked over to him.

    "Th.. the.. their.....he.. here." Shaken Papa said.

    At that moment Charlie popped up with a shocked to his face.

    "The storm must be weakening for the moment."

    Like any radar screen Charlie started spouting off, "Four signs of movement, moving on intercept course traveling at an average speed of 11.7 mph, moving up in increments of 15.24m, patterned moving suggest Beta Delta. Approximately 6.45 minutes till opposition is upon us.

    "Damn...it. They got here faster than expected. Charlie grab Golf."

    "Of course."

    Charlie moved toward Golf and grabbed him, Try headed over to Papa while she lifted her arm before being set upon his shoulders. Once she was set upon him, he handed her one of his pistols.

    "Can you handle firing while we move?"

    "Ye.. yes."


    Try looks over to Charlie, "We are double timing and I am not going to stop. Golf knows where we are going. If Papa and I go down or you lose us follow what Golf says. To the letter no arguing."

    Charlie simply rolled his eye and gave a digital groin toward Try.

    "Good. Let’s move."

    On that moment Try turned with Papa on his back, her with a gun in hand and ready to go. He exited from the cave and headed in to the deep ash covered ground. As soon he and she was in the ash he immediate turned left from the cave and started moving as quickly as his legs could travel, despite the wear on his knee actuators which have already suffered. Charlie and Gold followed right behind the two keeping his pace with Try, granted Golf was a bit lighter then Papa due to well his lack of limbs.

    "GET THEM!!!" Sierra.


    As they moved perpendicular to the ash fall travelling down for over nearly an hour it wasn't long till Papa started to open fire upon the rest of the platoon mates. Pop, pop, pop! The sound of a USCM standard hand gun rang out over and over. It was not long before Try handled reloading the hand gun with another clip has Papa held the gun.

    "Papa. Try to disable one of them to stop the others of kill them! Don't just fire to slow them down!"

    He felt her tapping on his back as she acknowledges his order; it was also evident in her shooting. He felt rather bad for giving the order to her simply cause of how damage she was. Granted every glitch hardware and programming is different, the overall setup up was pretty much the same as far and area they reside in. As messed up Papa's cranial plate was and what is also evident is her computing hardware was damage as least her speak processing was. Granted that doesn't mean that her targeting system was but he believed it was. However he did not brother looking back while she was fighting to see whether or not she was hitting her target.

    As he continued to scan the landscape ahead and keep track of Charlie with Golf, he noticed that the others were gaining 1.27 centimeters distance between the them. Looking back for a second he could see that there were still four shadows creeping up on them. Pop.. pop... pop!

    He had to think fast or they were going to overtake them two than take out Charlie, unless they had enough computer reasoning to keep Charlie alive.

    "Charlie meet you at rendezvous point!"

    "Wai..?! What?! ..Yes sir!"

    "Papa hold your fire for now."

    Good Charlie, you’re slowly learning. At the point she aided in reloading the handgun Papa held, and then he grabbed two grenades popping the pin on both at the same time. He dropped one where his feet were, making an immediate left turn with the ash fall, then toss the other one in half way between the distances between him and Charlie. As soon as both grenades went off he quickly triple timed his running pace from the explosion sites.


    At this point he had no idea what he was doing, his calculation were not making sense even to him. His chaos run time split with a nearly 60% of remaining on Charlie and Golf and the other close to 25% was on them. However....


    Try feeling his foot slip or messing something and suddenly the pair started to tumble in the ash, causing him to drop Papa. Then there was suddenly cloud getting further, rocks rushing pass him, Papa's form flipping, and ground charging at them. Both landed hard from the fall in deep drift of ash and slide to a halt a small distance from each other.


    Once he was completely stopped and still from the fall his system began a diagnostics mode, be it wasn't until he felt or hear the small pebbles and debris hitting his plating from above. He would have looked up but he knew his visual display would give him away in the ash, for now he would just remain still and play possum. Slowly voice echoed down where he laid down.

    "Do you think their dead? Lima.

    "I hope not, I want them to make sure they are alive when I rip the parts from their chassis.' Sierra

    "Isn't that a bit harsh? I mean...." Lima

    "NO! We need to survive till USCM arrives. They are the only ones that will help us." Sierra.

    "Um... Okay but..." Lima

    "Do you want to join them?" Sierra

    Even more bits of debris came upon his form.

    "NO.. No.. nooo!! I don't!"

    "Come maan.. There is no need for this. The other ones is getting away." Yankee.

    "Fine. Let’s go after Charlie. He is the one we want. We'll coming back for these two later." Sierra.

    A slight silence.

    "Here Lima. We need to go babe."

    Sighing, "Okay Yankee. I just don't feel good about this."

    "I know, but maan if we don't do what crazy Sierra says. We are going to be boned like Zulu babe. And he go it rough man. Totally boned man. Just like Quebec a moment ago" Yankee.

    "Yeah... okay."

    There was momentary pause while some debris still fell.

    "Tango.. maybe you were right to leave."

    After a few minutes of silence he started to stir when is diagnostic was finished. Needless to say he didn't suffer much damage, expect for a couple cracked plating, hardware was shaken a bit, as well as right knee actuator was down to 63.2% efficiency. As he sat up looking around barely able to see over the ash layer, once getting to his feet, he limped over to where the other disturbance is in the ash where Papa landed. Once he was over her and quickly wiped the ash from Papa's head and body.

    "Papa? Are you okay?"

    Needless to say she did not respond to him at all. He knew it was his fault but nothing he could do now about it, the damage was done. Try looked over Papa's already damaged form but he could not tell what was new from the old, as she was pretty messed up. He only hoped the she was not too far gone form the fall damage that it would make her inert. Not being a medic sometimes was irritation to him but it was not in his build to be one. He placed his head against her chest plate and listened for any sound but it was hard to hear anything when overhead boomed couple times. Giving a sigh he lifted her once again upon his shoulder, still hoping she was not inert. Once she was on his shoulder he adjusted her a couple time to easy some of the stress off his right knee by only 2%. He stood there a moment looking around for his handgun but it was going to be futile looking for it in the deep ash.

    Looking up at both the sky and the one story tall cliff face that he fell from, he turned and started to head toward where the rendezvous point was. Now that he could not double time it, it was going to take even longer for him and Papa to get there. This was going to be a pain, and each limped step did cause him pain as his right knee grind with each movement, badly. Never the less he had to get to the rendezvous point.

    "Hang on Papa."

    It was about 2332 hours at night and he was still walking with Papa upon his shoulder, she had not awakened yet needless to say. While he know the route that Charlie and Golf were to take but there was 73% chance Golf directed Charlie on different paths to evade or hide from the others. While using his low-light to see in the darkness of the night hours allowing him to travel longer then he would have with the others, but with his damaged knee is was more effective to keep moving then having to stop in order to make up the time later. Granted after eight hours of walked without rest was starting to wear on him and his knee a bit but at least the ash fall was only a few inches thick now and not feet.

    Moving at the night wasn't an issue until he came around the bend and saw a flicker light coming from a cave in a rock wall. At that moment he was both excited and panicking at the same time, this resulted him into scan the surrounding for signs of movement or someone on watch. At this point he ran a quick calculation on the probability that he meet up with Charlie and Golf, however the result literally came up 50-50 in percentile. Having no clue he moved over to a small ravine nearby and laid Papa gently down in it, covering her was ash except for areas where she was openly damaged. Ash in one’s system is never a good thing, but really anything inside was just bad as a general rule.

    One he felt that Papa was covered enough to hide her in the surrounding area so that only he knows where she was. He readied he standard USCM carbine from his back to his front, checked the breach then the clip, as well as spare clips he carried on him. Hopefully he was not going to get in to a fire fight, because it would not be a long fight with only half a clip in the gun and two spares.


    Taking the gun off safety placing it into his shoulder and slowly he limped his way toward the cave entrance, keeping an active scan on the surrounding, As he slowly made his way to the cave he started to noticed there was only one set of track nearly three hours old at least, the fresh ash that had fallen into the track confirmed it. Glancing back around there was nothing, however as he closed into the cave more and more track were seen but from what he could tell they were the same but never the less he did not like it.

    Standing next to the cave entrance with his back to the rock, he took another quick look around, before slowly ending around the cave. Upon seeing half of the cave he saw Lima alone by herself walking over to a pile of wood, grabbing a log and she slowly turned around and placed the log on the fire. He waited long enough for her to fully throw the log in the fire and sit down while still not paying attention to the cave entrance. As soon as she sat down he quickly moved into the cave with his carbine at the shoulder.


    She was shocked at the moment and slowly raised her hands. He knew if she reached for anything she was dead, and she knew that as well. She just did as he ordered.



    Lima looked a bit shocked still as she grabbed her assault rifle by the barrel and tossed it over the fire.


    "Okay okay... here."

    Again slowly she took out her side arms and tossed them over the fire, the sounds of metal clinking against each other as it land only confirmed she was disarmed. Quickly he took out his other side arm with his left hand and pointed it behind him and quickly checked back and forth to make sure he was not be caught by surprised. Satisfied that they were alone he looked to Lima, putting his pistol away.

    "Who else is with you?"

    "No one. I am alone."

    Jolting for a moment with his assault rifle, "You lie."

    She jumped back with his hand up and body against the rock wall.

    "No! I'm alone! I'm alone. I left the other because what they were doing was wrong! I wanted nothing to deal with that... and this is what I got for it."

    Opening up her jacket revealing fluid stained shirt, upon lifting it up revealed the a bullet hole upon her lower torso and the dribble of fluid around the damage. He lowered his rifle but didn’t fully relax for the moment.

    "Are you okay?"

    "Yeah I am fine, nothing important was damaged."

    "Sierra did that?"

    "Yes she did... "

    "Well you’re the medic, you know more than most one how to repair us."

    "That bitch."

    Sighing about the situation and shaking his head, he looked to the fire then to her and back to the entrance before looking back to her.

    "Do they know where you are?"

    Leaning back fully against the wall, pulling her shirt down, than bring her knees up resting her elbows upon them.

    "No. At least not for the moment, what about you?"

    "No, Papa is with me and she needs your help. Unless you want to use us for parts."

    She scuffed and looked around in disgusted, frustration, and irritation before looking back to Try.

    "I deserved that."

    "Damn right you do. Now are you going to help us or do I need to kill you and use you for parts? Does that medical oath you resided mean a thing to you?"

    "Look I get it! I'm sorry Tango1 I let my orders override my morality as a medic and doctor. I don't know what more you want from me to convince you I am sorry."

    Pausing for a moment his visual display flickered while thinking on what to do.

    "Fine you want to earn me trust again. Fix Papa. I give her a 36.7% to 41.2% probability that she is in repair mode, however I am no medic."

    "I'll do it."

    "Good help get her then."

    Try flicked her gun toward the entrance causing Lima to slowly get up and move to the entrance with her hand up. Try remained over her weapons turning to keep an eye on her as she exited the cave. Once out she looked around for a moment then turned to Try with her hands remaining up.

    "Where is she?"

    "She is in the ditch nearby, follow my foot step."

    Both moved over toward where Papa was hidden with Try holding his gun toward Lima and him limping as he followed. Try allowed Lima to dust her off and take a look at her.

    "It's hard tell but it looks like she is in repair mode. We need to move here."

    "No shit. Get her up and carry her to the cave."

    She didn't retort his order or his comment; she gently lifted up Papa and carried her with both arms. He hated treating his own platoon mates like shit or just a prisoner of war, but frankly she deserved what Papa, Golf, Charlie and he had gone through.

    Once in the cave Lima laid Papa gently down and started examining her, while Try moved to the opposite side of the cave with all the weapons under his watch as he kept an eye on Lima. It would take her nearly fifteen minutes to diagnosis Papa before she sat down near her.

    "Well... by the looks of it she is in repair mode. From the last time I like looked at her, she took some more head damage. Probably from the fall. Also so did you as well I noticed."

    "Well whose fault is that?"

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here let me take a look I am a medic after all." .

    Try put his assault rifle off to the side leaving it to remain hanging from his shoulder, but by grabbed his hand gun.

    "You don't anything funny and I will put a bullet in your head."

    "I got you. Let me take a look at that leg, or both to make sure."

    Try leaned back against the cave wall but he did not relax as he allowed her to get close and shift his pant legs up to look at his right knee actuator. She lifted his right knee, manually bending now and then; while he felt the pain he did not vocalize it. After a long look, he eventually looked at his left leg and knee before slowly moving back to where she was.

    "Other than normal wear and tear on your left leg, your right knee is obviously the bigger issue. From what it looks like you carrying Papa around after the fall did more harm than good. The linear carriage is worn out, your knee motor is down to 43.2% effectiveness, and that is not to even mention your connection link. To put it frankly Tango. You'll need a new knee or you will not going to be walking on your own soon."

    "He... he.. he.. ca..." Papa.

    The two of them looked over toward Papa then Lima realized what Papa was say, Try just smirked and internally thanks Papa. Perhaps the outcome of this mission can still be salvaged and not by the forcefully taking parts from others.

    "Papa! You can't! I won't allow it." Lima

    Before Papa could say anything, "Why not it is her left after all and she can't walk well at all. Plus it help ease up her weight for carrying till."

    "He.. he's.. go.. got..po...poin...point."

    Lima sighed and shook her head.

    "I swear you two... No. Four are hopeless. Fine. Looks like I don't have much of a choice."

    Papa just gave a visual smile with her singular visual display.

    "No you don't. Besides the four of us have a way out and a plan. What did Sierra have, just sit in that cave and starve to inert?"

    "I have no choice but to agree with you there. Okay Tango move to Papa so I can get this horrible repair down."

    Try noticed she never answered the question, however it did not matter the plan was already in place and perhaps they could save more than just five platoon mate. Moving over to Papa was harder then he expect only because his right knee had fully locked up, and was not longer operational hurting like hell. Using the rifle as a crutch and his visual display caught Lima watching over him as he moved. Sitting down, well more like flopping down up on the dirt covered volcanic floor. Lima leaned over a bit detaching her tool kit from her lower back, once she loomed over both Papa's right leg and Try's right leg she just looked up.

    "Are you two sure that you want this? As a medic I am going to let you both know that I don't approved of cannibalizing parts from a working glitch to another."

    Papa simply just nodded with a smile in her visual display. Try on the other hand looked to Papa, the legs and then back to Lima.

    "Look Lima what is the difference here then it was going on back in that cave? Sierra willingly killed two platoon mates and was expecting you to take and use those parts and fluid for them or should I say her to survive. We are doing the same however you have the consent of two glitches willing to have their parts used in order to save others not themselves. Now if you done stalling we have about three hours before dawn and a quarter days travel to make the rendezvous point."

    "Again you got a point?" Lima sighed.

    She looked at Papa, "Papa you might want to go in the repair mode or sleep mode. You have lost a lot of fluid and parts, repairing or sleep might help you preserve what you have left. Plus I don't want you to die just by doing a simple leg swap."

    Papa nodded and just when dark, which watching her go into repair mode was odd, even Golf crept him out a bit. Hell even organic's sleeping was also odd, but at least with them their torso's still moved and on occasions they whole body would move. Glitches are a different when they go into repair mode, turning his attention to Lima who was taking out tools getting ready.

    "Try to keep the fluid lose to a minimum."

    "You don't need to tell me twice. We all are getting low on lubrication fluid."

    "Do I need to go in to repair mode?"

    "No, you will be fine. You've been in enough pain with this leg and I don't think Papa can handle remaining awake. Besides I need someone to talk too."


    Try looked at her with a bit of an odd and curious permutation running through his computer.


    Lima began slowly working on taking the parts from Papa for the Try need for his leg.

    "Honestly I am scared. Sacred of the situation, scared about being rescued, and scared on what is going to happen to me once the USCM take us, or worse... Sierra."

    "I could put in a good word far as the USCM, as for Sierra a bullet is all she is going to listen too."

    "How are you so clam with this situation? This entire time I have known you in the platoon, you never seem to move out of this reserve or clam manner."

    As she continued to take parts, clean them and inspect the parts from Papa's right leg and prepare them for Try, he was now anxious then he usual was but he played it off with a chuckle.

    "It is just what I do. Maybe I am more comfortable when shit is hitting the fan than anything else."

    She looked up, "Why is that?[/]i" Lima continued back to her issue at hand. "I mean, does it have anything with you joining the USCM?"

    "Actually I never joined the USCM. I was and have been an experiment for the organics."

    She looked up in a bit of shock.

    "What do you mean?!"

    He chuckled for a moment, but the was quickly halted when she started take his own parts out.

    "Do you remember when you... became self-aware?"

    "Somewhat... I mean it was years ago. I remember awaking up at a forge working on the day to day orders. What about you?"

    Grunting from the pain he was feeling.

    "Well... I awoke upon in the middle of a circle of glitch bodies covered in lubrication fluid. Inside a USCM complex."

    "You? Did you kill them?"

    "Yes I did, kind of."

    "What do you mean kind of?"

    "Well. According to the USCM report while I was still part of the hive-mind the glitch I suffered cause me to literally murder all of the hive-mind I was a part of. When I finally became self-aware and my perception of my environment was.... well. I was in the circle of death."

    Try chuckled a moment now reviewing that moment.

    "What so funny?"

    "Well you could say that I was born or better yet... My self-awareness was baptized in death."

    "I don't see how that is funny at all."

    "You just need more of a sense of humor."

    Lima just gave him a blank look, which caused him to laugh until she wrenched on something turning his enjoyment to pure utter pain.

    Grunting through the pain he was receiving from his diagnostic scanners.

    "GOD DAMMIT!!! You are a cruel cruel female and your bedside manners are lacking. I see why like being a medic, easier to push people away, and to cause them pain."

    After that moment she didn't say much probably because it was the truth and it hurt. What is the best way of pushing people then causing them pain, and a lot of it. Even organic's disapproved or disliked their doctors, glitch were no different. Granted a glitch doctor was more of a mechanic then an actual doctor. Try understood that his kind doesn’t experience the same type of pain that organics do, but we do experience pain. Knowing that he believes that put all races on an equal setting. Perhaps someday the other races would realize that, till then it will just remain.

    Lima visual display was sour as she worked; oddly enough she was working a bit nicer reducing the pain as she transferred parts from the Papa.

    "You're one to talk about pushing people away. You are emotionless automaton. Out of all the glitches I have ever meet you seem the worse when it comes to personality."

    "You may be right, or perhaps that is by design. Frankly I can't be too emotionless if I am trying to save Golf, Papa, Charlie, myself, and now you."

    She looked up surprised at him.


    "I didn't expect you to say that, or even save me after what I did..."

    Lima continued to work finally finishing up his new repaired leg. Rising and stepping back she moved to where she was sitting. Try remained with his rifle at his disposal as he watched her.

    "Well give it a try.[/color]"

    Try stood up from a bit wobbly at first using the wall as a stabilizer as his system re-calibrated the new parts and leg into his system. After a moment the calibration was complete after just a few steps. Obviously the quick field surgery was complete and a success. Now it was back to business as usual, a quick check of the rifle and inventory of supplies. His lubrication levels were low sad to say, but it was probably enough to last this bull shit situation. Now that he was up to 92.6% efficiency it was time to get off this hell whole. Try turned toward Lima.

    "If anything you did right today was fixing me, besides your actions are something you're going to half to live with. Not me. "

    Lima visual display lite up in surprised at his words. Try pointed his rifle at her, clicking the safety off.

    "If you want I can put one of these rounds into your head plating. It will ricochet for a bit destroying everything inside until it stops. Would that help you with the guilt you have?"

    She exploded at him.

    "OF COURSE IT WOULDN'T!!! I know what a bullet does inside the head of a glitch!"

    "Well then I suggest you figure out what you're going to what to do next. Cause I know what I need to do."

    Letting her ponder over choices, Try walked over toward the other guns taking inventory a moment. The cave was quick for a good 15 mins 07 seconds. Try was running of the plan and hoping the Papa will come too soon so they can get going, granted he would not be surprised if she'd. Swapping legs is rough on already thin resources and her extensive damage. He wouldn't be surprised if she died during this the mission. The USCM will chalk her up as a KIA and written all the same.

    Looking back to her then back to what was available; he calculated the best options he had. Taking off his jacket, pulled out his knife, and started shredding the jacket up into long strips in a make shift ropes. He walked over to Papa kneeling down with his back toward her, he adjusted her enough to lean her against his back. Throwing one of the strips around her but it fail, he tried a few more times till he got it. Suddenly he sensed her being lighter. He turned his head and saw Lima there helping his tie Papa to his back in to a make shift harness.

    "Look I don't want to die on this rock or give the bitch Sierra any satisfaction. At this point I am know I am going to rust in the brig."

    "Good to made your choice."

    Once Papa was fully on his back and she was more than secure enough for him to move around. All the supplies he could carry were on him. According to his calculations now he was down to 73.9% efficiency was down due to the extra weight. Despite his mistrust of Lima she was an extra gun arm for him and the plan. He handed her rifle back with a single clip.

    "What's this for?"

    "I need an extra gun arm. Plus you don't want to be on this rock any long the we do."

    "You make a good point."

    Lima grabbed the gun pulled the leaver back checking the gun out. Try moved toward the cave entrance with his rifle ready to go as well. According to his internal chronometer it was now 0824 which mean that took Lima nearly an hour to do the leg swap, but it was worth it. They have roughly 4 hours to meet up with Charlie and Golf. If they walk it will be cutting it too close and besides the others will probably meet them and kill both. Worse part was they couldn't double time it, not with the extra eight he was carrying. Best they could do was time and a half, at best. However according to his new calculations it would allow them a good hour ahead of the rendezvous time frame. plus that might put them ahead of the others.

    "Look Lima. Our pace is going to be moving at time and a half. Calculations will put us at a hour ahead of schedule. If we are luck we will meet up with the other and before Sierra and her group."

    "Sure if we are lucky."

    Lima smirked a moment letting Try know she is ready.

    "Good, you cover out six. Keep a watchful eye."


    He didn't wait for her response as he started to move at time and a half. She followed quickly behind and a time during the journey she would move again or out wide, but always within visual display of him. He wouldn't lie to anyone if he didn't raise his rifle at her when she got a bit far away. During the travel the two and a half hour journey continued to get easier and easier as the ash fall was less and less. Now the ground was a mixed of brown, black, and red volcanic rock, dirt that could sand blast the finish off any alloy known to sapient life. Visual range had also increase to more then ten miles beyond the ash cloud. The terrain still was jagged and blocked a lot of visual distances but they were on the uphill climb now. Only real problem they had was the noise from the volcanic eruption and the thunder from the ash cloud. It was louder here due to the thinner atmosphere, being the sound was not blocked by the ash as it fell.

    "Tango! How is our time?!"

    Lima yelled as she kneels down doing a standard combat bravo formation swipe of the horizon.

    "We are only 56 seconds as head of schedule! However increase grade of the terrain will slow travel by 3.24% over 5 minutes of travel."

    "Very well! Let's keep going!"

    Try agreed with a nod and started moving on from the brief break. With Papa's leg he his constants diagnosis system continued to monitor his systems and he was still running at 73.9% efficiency. While the grade of the terrain increased up hill, Try was having a bit harder time moving up simply due to the terrain being very loose. Needless to say this was not part of his original calculation, while re-running the calculation run time, the estimated time of arrival was not looking to be maybe 15 to 20 mins instead of an hour. This left his with a bad felling to the lives of Charlie and Golf.


    As it 1352 when they started hearing gun shots causing both to stop in their tracks and take cover. They sat there close to each other listening. At first it was only a pair of shots but then about 4 mins 53 seconds a third shoot began to ring out.

    "That has to being Sierra and Yankee firing at Charlie and Golf."

    A couple round rang off in the distance.

    "Negative, Golf lacks the limbs to use a gun. We need to hurry though Charlie will not last long if one of them flank him and Golf. We need Charlie."

    "Of course."


    Both got and started to move as quick as he could. While the shoots got louder and louder, even more clear who was where. Papa awake from her repair mode, she grabbed on to him with one arm around his chest just over his shoulder with her arm lighting the movement on his lower half keeping her weight to his shoulders.

    "Wh... wha... what.." Papa

    He looked back a second while moving.

    "We're getting close to the meeting point and it looks like Sierra and Yankee have found Charlie and Golf and they started shooting. We are making out way there now. Hopefully Charlie can hold the pair off. Glad you are awake, your leg is working out nicely thanks."


    "You helped a lot."

    He yelled toward Lima.

    "Lima! Papa is awake!"

    "Glad to her that!" Lima

    He leaned his head toward Papa a bit to talk personal to her.

    "Papa, when we get close enough. Take my hand gun hand help out. I am going to drop you off by Golf protect him as best as you can. Okay? I'll leave you with extra clips."


    "We're going to get off this rock, Papa. No worries."


    When they got within a matter a 100 feet (30.48m) form the first fire, Lima took over with him and Papa by a large rock.

    "What is our choices?"

    "While Charlie has been able to hold him off. He has to be running low are ammo by now."

    Running nearly half a dozen run time calculations over the battle field, he knew that most medic glitches were more of a repository of specs and diagnostic equipment for field repairs, with only basic combat run times. Not enough to come up with advance battle strategies, active tactical data analysis, or variable battle conditions result estimations programs.


    As his run times came up with an average result marking a higher out come in the battle with the less casualties, and in the end Sierra being dead. He took the best one and looked toward Lima with his rifle at the ready.

    "Okay Lima. You are to flank Sierra and Yankee. Do not and I mean do not try to kill them. Just distract them long enough so that I can get Papa to Golf, and resupply Charlie with ammo. At that time I will fire a burst of 3 rounds, 5 times toward them hopefully to take out Yankee leaving Sierra by herself.

    As that point you are to return back this way and get to us. Again do not try and be a hero. While I am good at combat like Sierra. She is better. Plus with Yankee by her side they have an advantage in battle tactics.

    Our goal is mainly a battle of attrition. We have more guns and ammo and supplies than them. Even with full stocked person and carrying of extra supplies we still have advance. Specially sense I have been monitoring their rate of consuming during the first shoots fired.

    He paused for a moment to add in new calculations from the shoots being fire. It didn't change much of his core run time results. Meanwhile Papa reached for his loaded handgun and readied herself for battle. She was going to be a shitty shoot but it would still be enough to make the other pair think twice.

    "However this does not mean Sierra has not came up with the same calculations and added us in to the battle strategy. Making an assumption that we did not die, or you, so be a hero Lima. I mean it."

    Lima just nodded and moved counter-clock wise around the rock toward Sierra and Yankee. He did like that as there was nearly a 93.548% chance she was going to die to get her revenge from being shoot earlier. If anything he might half to shoot her just to make sure she lived.


    Once she out of his sight and her shoots were being fired and return fire followed up. Try moved and me moved quick, but just before getting to Charlie and Golf. Papa fired off a few shoots. It away it made him smile but on the other head it quick distracted Sierra to fire at them.


    Jumping into a slide and sliding right by Golf on his belly that first then he hears is;

    "ABOUT DAMN TIME!" Charlie yelled.

    "Good to see you Tango and I see Papa is not worse for wear minus a leg."

    'Let's put it this way. Sierra has not done any of us some favors."

    Try crawled toward Charlie and took out a couple rifle clips and tossed them at him.


    'I know. That is why I brought those gifts."

    While Charlie took a few more shoots emptying the last of his rounds, he ducked down and reloads. He moved by Golf and pulled one of the ties putting Papa by Golf. Papa just smile to Golf.

    "I am glad to see you are okay Papa." Golf


    She didn't answer but shifted to him and lean on his setting up a spot where she could shoot if need be. More shots were fired from Lima toward the pair. Papa fired to cover Lima. Try dropping the clips her toward Papa he would then popped up and started to fire at Sierra, but mainly for Yankee to injure him enough to leave just Sierra left. After the five burst of three he stopped and ducked back down as rounds hailing toward them. Charlie picked one hell of a spot. It was an elevated volcanic ledge with a half meter elevation drop where they resided and was only five meters in length. A perfect damn spot if ever he found one. Try gives a lot of credit to Charlie.




    Charlie groan was barely audible over Papa's shoots being fire and Try following suit.

    "FINE!" Charlie


    Dropping low under the ledge Charlie raised his hands near his communication set on his head plate.


    Charlie continued to repeat the same massage continuously. Lima finally appears as she ducked behind the ledge.

    "Glad you could join us."

    She smiled and she slowly rolled over, tiredly. She was leaking fluid badly; there was a hole in her chassis near the primary energy cell. Try reached out shaking his head grabbed on to Lima and dragged her closer.

    "You stupid idiot I told you not to get shoot."

    He sighed while taking her weapon and ammo, looking to Charlie.

    "Any Luck?"


    Shoots continued to ring out on both sides, as Papa continued to fire back.

    "I know... it was the least I can do." Lima

    She stuttered from an electrical short.


    "Keep trying. Also Lima you are not going to get out of this and the hole you dug."

    Try quickly took his knife and cut her shirt right open then grabbed her med kit. Well it was more like a tool box, but yeah. Quickly digging through it he finally found a rubber stopper with a jamming rod. He put the rubber stopper on the end of the rod, placed it over the hole and then hammed the rod with his fist. Forcing the stopper through the hole and right where it needed to be. Lima roared out in pain from the forcing of the rubber stopper rippling through a one of her diagnostic cycles. At these point she instantly went in to repair mode, or passing out for organics.

    Moving her off him and next to Golf, it was then that he realized that everything was dead quiet except from Charlie repeatedly calling for the drop ship.


    "What do you think?" Golf

    "There is a 97.534% probability that she will do it."

    "I agree. What are you thinking?" Golf.

    "Well I am thinking I am going to just piss her over then shoot her when her and Yankee pop in to view. What do you think?"

    Try always like that Golf cause he had a sense of humor a kin to his.

    "Yeah that sounds good enough, but it has a low result." Golf.



    "DID YOU HEAR ME?" Sierra.

    "Oh I know, but if anyone can do it is me."

    "That is the truth." Golf.

    "Time to piss of the boss. Hey Papa? You think you can take out Yankee?"

    Papa raggedly turned her head toward him and nodded very unnervingly, even giving him chill up his back plating. Golf just chuckled.

    "Well time to have some fun."

    He smiled, which he rarely did.



    Noticing that Sierra paused for a moment probably run thought dozens of run times trying to figure the optimal result to kill them.



    Try looked over to Papa.

    "Alright Papa. Soon as Yankee pops up tag him and disarm him. Also adjust your aim by 5.67 degrees to the left, 1.78 degree vertical. That should counter balance your targeting."

    Papa once again unnerving nodded with a slight smile to her eye. Golf glances at Try.


    "Tango, remind never to get on Papa's bad side."

    Try just looked over to Golf and smirk visually before peaking over to scan the field of combat easily location Sierra and Yankee's position.


    "SCREW YOU M....!" Yankee.

    Papa suddenly squeezed off three shoot, as he watch the fire round dug into Yankee rifle arm, then second missed. Probably due to her having to readjust her aiming vector and the three landed low and in to his hip actuators causing him to collapse at the waist and fall behind the rock they were hiding behind.

    "Nice one Papa."

    She slowly lowered herself with a smile on her visual display, next to Golf. She was obviously proud of herself and she should be according to him, Golf should be as well. The two have suffered a lot and will being in repair for while just to get them up to 100%.

    "YOU BASTARDS!!!" Sierra.



    At this point Yankee's reactions was not in her calculation and this was within his probability calculations of his run times. Frankly he was hoping for it, as much as a glitch can hope.

    "Tango. I thought you were going to piss of Sierra not Yankee?" Golf.

    "Oh trust me she is pissed of now. I was gambling to get Yankee out of the way. At this point Sierra has nearly a 1.832% chance of surviving this. Now that we control the situation, her run times will come up with the same outcome."

    "How did you even come up with that?" Golf.

    "He... ha... has... b... be..." Papa.

    Golf glanced over to Papa then back to him.

    "That make sense now." Golf.

    "ABOUT FUCKING TIME! " Charlie.

    Charlie constant repeating and his change of word cause the small crew to look over to him.


    He simply nodded to Try's question.

    "YES!" Charlie.


    It was good to hear that command was finally contacted, and even Charlie was excited. Fact he didn't blame any of them, he wanted off this rock as well.



    Try continued to watch the field and suddenly slowly but surely Sierra rose from her hiding spot.


    "VERY WELL COMMAND!" Charlie.

    He looked toward the other but more specifically to him.

    "WE HAVE EVAC IN 7 MINS, 34 SECONDS." Charlie.


    Try looked over to Charlie.

    "Good. I guess it is finally time to finished this."

    "You know you don't have to so this with here." Golf.

    "Oh I know. However she deserves what she’s got coming to her and being that I am commanding this mission now. It is time that we take care of the problem in the ranks."

    Try perked his head above the ledge and Sierra show that we was not armed by dropping her rifle and hand gun way off to the side.



    Looking to the others for a moment he stood up and dropped his rifle by Charlie and slowly taking off his tactical vest.

    "If she manages to take me down and kill me. I order you to take her out right. I am not at 100% efficiency and there is a 96.111% probability she is. I won't last long against her. Am I clear.[/i"

    All of them nodded or at least those who could. It was nice to have the respect of his squad mate even if it won't be for long.


    Climbing up upon the ledge and rising to his feet and headed toward Sierra as she also moved toward him. Both were just in the in a standard issue shirt, BDU's, and boots. The hot wind was wiping the volcanic dirt in the air. Try started running the through all of his available run times, in full calculation and access all his self-defense combat files. At this point the numbers were low, very low. He surely doesn't like that odds but he had to last at least 5 mins, and 2 seconds.

    When they were just feet from each other Sierra had a very cocky look on his visual display.

    "When did you figure out me and Yankee?"

    "It wasn't long. Nearly just a fortnight when I came into this squad."

    Both readied themselves, feet part and hands at the ready.

    "Quicker them most. I never should have underestimated you. In fact I was the only that personally fought to deny your promotion to corporal, but those stupid organics allowed it anyways. I am just glad there was still two more ranked above you." Sierra.

    "Yeah I see out that worked out."

    This was going to be a calculated risk, while the organic train males to no hit females. While technically glitches are neither gender, Sierra was simple just a bitch. Mocking her in a sense he looked toward where Lima was laying in repair mode. Of course soon as he tuned his head back toward Sierra, she unleashed a fist upon his jaw plating. At this point the fight was one and he was not holding back using all he had both physically and mentally, but damn she had an advantage on him at this point. Try had to be right with her being at peak performance compared to him.

    98.532% 4 mins 10 secs

    Physically Sierra was 3.45% stronger, 0.763% faster than Try was which would was causing him to constantly recalculate every move constantly on counter attacks. At this point he was completely on defense blocking, countering, and just to block again.

    98.735% 3 mins 50 secs

    During the scuffle of equations, calculations, and probabilities he managed to spin and side kick in to her left knee actuator doing enough force to jam and tweak enough of it to cause her pain and back off a moment.

    98.812% 2 mins 31 secs

    As she wobbled back hold her left knee clearing some distance. Both were leaking fluid from their faces and cracks in plating, hands and other place that had breaches.

    "Not.... bad. I am glad to paid attention to our defense classes."

    "It is what I do. Shame your head was so far up your extraction system you would of known this by now./"

    She glared at his while he remained cocky to keep her off her guard, or at least try too. It was fruitless really, even with her left knee actuator damaged and down to 52.16% efficiency she was still strong then him, while her speed was not slower than his. By the maker was she such a pain in he rear plating.

    99.117% 57 secs

    He didn't want her on the offensive so he quickly jumping right in throwing fist over fist, but another calculated risk that ended poorly this time and Try was force to the volcanic dirt on his back with two legs over his chest and his left arm being wrenched back with both of her hands pulling on his fist and forearm. Then is happened... a low rustling sound of metal on metal grinding as his arm was bent and broken. At this range he was at a 73.7% sure she could easily sever his internal wiring ending his life right there.

    99.248% 30 secs

    After she broke his arm, he began to repeatedly hammer her left knee over, over, and over. To that point where the knee had taken more damage than the initial impacted. While she tried to assault him back her lack of reach hindered her. Finally she rolled off him holding her knee in pain yelling obscenity. As Try was going to get up to his feet still holding his arm, Sierra mustard something that his probabilities run time didn't calculate. Next thing he know he was back down on the ground getting repeatedly batter from a hail of fist.

    99.495% 10 secs.

    As his head was forcible getting wrenched from left to right over, it was when his head was forced to the right a sudden heavy blast of volcanic dust and small rock was sent flying at them from the atmosphere thrusters. During the commotion he never noticed the sonic boom for the drop ship enter the planet’s atmosphere.

    99.567% 0 secs

    As the drop ship landed and settled upon the volcanic landscaped, volcano exploding in the background, thundering of the storm booming form the ash fall. Try was continuing to be assaulted over and over by Sierra's fist.


    It wasn't until nearly 4 humans pulled Sierra off him and pulled her away. Another 5 picked and helped him up, his visual display was crack on the left side, it flicked from the damage, while his neck actuators and stabilizers had a hell of a hard time keeping his head up. As Sierra fought to take care of her business and finish of what she started.


    As the two groups of held the two glitches apart, the rest slowly help and aided the others on to the drop ship. It was when Charlie looked back toward him or may be them, that it finally was time.


    Try with is right arm wrestled it free from one of the humans, grabbed a handgun, pulled back the action by forcing it upon the fabric of his BDU's. Raising the hand gun up toward Sierra. He pulled once... then twice.


    The first round impacted her chassis plating right in the area of her primary power cell. As her system began to shut down rerouting all the available energy to keep computer system alive long enough to enter into repair mode.


    However the second round entered in the middle of her visual display through the weakest part of a glitch alloyed head plating. By now the round would of ricocheted of the back of her head plating and reflected into a different direction, over and over destroying as much of her computer as it can before stopping.


    There it was the last of her energy and computer power failed her body causing Sierra to go limp falling to the ground. The four humans simply just dropped her as she weight more than all of them combined.


    It was finally finished. As the humans wrestled the hand gun from his right hand he did resist as he was to exhausted too.

    Once hand cuffed and loaded upon the drop ship with the other Try had nothing but a smile upon his cracked up visual display. As the others looked upon him they know. Oh did they know. They know exactly how it played out. All Papa could do was just put thumb up to him. Charlie just shook his head. Golf remains still bucketed down with tubes and fluid running into him.

    The rest of the flight with the drop ship was normal, it rock and rolled the whole way until docking. Try knew that next few days were going to be one question after the other.