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The Journal of Kade H. Castor

Discussion in 'Character Journals' started by Diehardpatriot, May 10, 2017.

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    The 'Journal' itself would be contained within a hollowed out antique copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The journal itself would actually be a silver data-drive, with the words 'KEEP OUT!' written in all over it in red marker.

    The data drive can interface with most modern computers, its specs and relevant information are as follows:

    Password: Groovy
    Data Limit: One Terra-byte

    < Password Required . . . >
    < Password: '
    < . . . >
    Verified >

    -> Opening Investigation_Log.txt

    Current Location: Caelestis Station, Hospital Wing
    Days on Ttha: 17 [Approximately, hard to tell with local solar cycles.]

    I figured I ought to start writing down everything that's happened, for posterity's sake. Or in case I end up doing something else stupid and one of my 'companions' decides its prudent to keep investigating on Ttha.

    Anyway, the reason I'm starting this from Caelestis and not the camp on Ttha is that, well, I decided to play hero. It was a stupid move in retrospect, expecting the local Militia to have a real plan, but I'll get to that. It started when I saw an ad requesting Bahtli and mercenary aid, naturally, I was curious. Meeting with the Militia, it turns out that they had the intent of going after slavers out west, convenient considering one of my fellow 'Tourists' asked me to investigate that as well. I offered my services and naturally brought along Naoko and Logan, my two go-to battle buddies. I figured it wouldn't be anything too serious.

    Like I so typically am half the time, I was wrong.

    Not only did I vastly underestimate the tactical advantage they had, I underestimated how ineffective the beanbag rounds the Militia had provided me would be [they wanted them alive, understandably]. Skipping through all the gory details, I ended up taking four to the back, Naoko took one to the shoulder and one to the lung, and another Bahtli died [I think his name was Greg???]. I called Blaze, she bailed us out, and I got shipped off to the station a short time later for recovery.

    It's been two days [I think?] and I'm still not feeling much better. The doctors said if one of the shots had been a little more to the left, I'd be paralyzed. Fun.

    Not dwelling on that, moving on. My recovery isn't going at a phenomenal pace, but I'm more worried about Naoko, I shouldn't have brought her... She got hurt because of my damn pride and bravado, I tried being a hero. I tried being like Blaze.

    The doc says I'll be out by Friday, provided I promise to get some rest once I get back home [I let it slip where 'home' is for me. I figure they might try and keep me if I tell them I live on Ttha].

    For now, I think I'll try and keep my mind off things by updating the journal, I've got a lot to dump into it before I get discharged. Better that there's a backup in case something happens...

    Though I don't plan on it, no more playing hero, no more being Blaze. I'm gonna be me, I'm gonna stick to what I'm good at... Surviving.

    And by that I mean fighting on my terms. Long distance is more my speed.

    -- Kade, Out

    <- Closing Investigation_Log.Txt

    Here's a bit of OOC information on permissions in regards to the Journal, who can use it, and why I made it.

    Reason for Making It: It's simple really, I was already writing down everything Kade had done and was going to do on Ttha during his investigation of the Embassy bombing. I just figured you guys might wanna know too! Kade tales, yeah!

    Where it's Located: Kade has TWO copies of the journal, one carried on his person, and a backup he religiously updates hidden away in a safebox buried under his Outbacker [or his sick RV for those that don't know what that is] on Ttha.

    Who can use it/see its contents IC: No one! With the exception of people who manage to find it on Kade when he does bring it out with him [it's not particularly interesting, and he keeps it hidden in a very particular 'place' on his person], as well as people Kade lets see it himself, none of this information would be available to you IC! Purely for entertainment and book keeping on what he does know

    If you have qualms about the journal's contents, or want to fact check something, hit me up on discord, steam, or a PM
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