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Talekas Quick Reaction Force Recruiting

Discussion in 'Talekas QRF' started by EyesofMarch, May 9, 2016.

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    In response to violent hostile actions taking place on the remote colonies in the fringe sector of Council Space, the Talekas Quick Reaction Force has set up operations in order to provide the denizens of this galactic area with a quickly responding, professional group of contractors. At the full height of operational power, the Talekas Quick Reaction Force plans to provide professional security to colonies willing to pay a hiring fee, as well as operational and management training to any militias the colony may also have. The TQRF will also be available to hire for combat operations against pirates, enemy militias, and other organizations.

    With these funds, the TQRF will be able bodied to provide a free distress signal response force in the case of hostile attack, injury or non-pilot error damage, although payment may be required for incidents such as fuel loss or pilot error.

    The TQRF prides itself as a professional military force, and is currently seeking new hires for contractor transport and combat/liason positions. We hire from previous military forces such as Earth-based government militaries, Council Armed Forces, the United Systems, and other professional armies. The TQRF's training regiment is short, but difficult. You will be tried, tested, but you will better yourself if you have what it takes to make it. Upon completion of training, you will be equipped with the best technology the TQRF can provide and will work as a private contractor; performing rescue operations at your own discretion and performing the missions the TQRF has been contracted to perform. Payment for operatives will range depending on missions; however base contractor pay will be around three hundred credits/pixels weekly.

    If you are interested in being more, and want to do more than just stand by and watch as crime and corruption takes hold, then sign up to the TQRF today. Training class dates and packing lists will be provided here.

    Send application to: [email protected]










    Be advised, the TQRF Staff has the right to deny anyone for any reason, especially if you do not meet the needs of the TQRF, or are a medical liability. Extensive background/medical history checks may be administered on site at training facility.

    If you are interested in contracting the TQRF for militia training/military operations, contact us at: [email protected]

    (( Just PM me any applications or contracting needs ))
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