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Private Staff Rules and ROEs

Discussion in 'Talekas QRF' started by EyesofMarch, May 9, 2016.

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    While in Uniform/Representing the Talekas QRF in Civilian Areas:

    1. No Public Displays of Affection
    2. No Drinking of Alcohol/Intoxication
    3. Treat Civilians with the Utmost Respect, even if they do not treat you the same.
    4. Keep weapons, equipment and gear clean and presentable.
    5. Do your best to not act threatening, but be prepared to enact strict force against those who are suspicious/are prepared to cause bodily harm to team members and civilians.
    6. Do not give away identity while on duty, if possible.

    When Responding to Distress Signals:

    1. Attempt to call for reinforcements, but do NOT disregard someone in need.
    2. Ensure the area of distress is safe, and is not a potential ambush site.
    3. If the situation is suspicious, alert nearby colonial militia for assistance and leave the area.
    4. If situation is not suspicious, assist individual/individuals as best you can. Wounded are to be taken to nearest colonial hospital.
    5. If situation is FUBAR and you come under attack, do not attempt to eliminate hostile force on your own. Retreat immediately.
    6. If you are part of a team when responding and are capable, eliminate the enemy threat to prevent them from causing further harm in the future.
    6. Follow the orders of a higher ranked individual at all times. If multiple Privates are responding to a single distress signal, work together; do not order each other around. However, always be willing to listen to your subordinates, especially if they arrived first and have a better tactical understanding of the situation.

    Talekas Base/TQRF Installation:

    1. Do not allow civilians onto Takekas Base or any TQRF installation. These locations are our private quarters for our own use, and hold valuable data and gear.
    2. Do not give the location of Talekas' Solar System.

    UMBRA/BIOLOGICAL ATTACK Rules of Engagement:

    1. Return to base immediately and equip a hazard suit and flame thrower before responding to the threat.
    2. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. You may be required to exterminate infected personnel to prevent the spread of the disease. Do so humanely.
    4. Get medical checkups every few days after operation to ensure you are not infected.
    5. If you become infected, report to a medical facility immediately. Make no contact with anyone. Isolate yourself if possible.

    MUD Rules of Engagement:

    1. Only one on-duty member of the TQRF is allowed to patrol Mud at any time, per the request of the colonial administration.
    2. While patrolling Mud, contractors cannot carry lethal firearms of any sort. TQRF-issued tazers or stun batons are the only firearms authorized while on-world.
    3. The only time more than one on-duty TQRF operative is allowed on-world is when the on-duty operative SPECIFIALLY requests backup.
    4. Lethals are only authorized when the colony is under attack or in the midst of a biological attack.
    5. While off-duty, do NOT assist fellow TQRF operatives unless they are under extreme distress.
    6. Follow all laws while on or off-duty. Represent the TQRF well.

    UPSIDE Rules of Engagement:

    1. Upside is a high-activity colony, and the largest populated colony in the sector. Be mindful at all times, be respectful, and represent the TQRF well, even out of uniform. Eyes will be upon you at all times.
    2. Lethals are authorized on Upside at all times, as is full combat gear. Be advised, however, that, again, there is a large civilian population on the planet. Use lethal weaponry only when absoleutely necessary to defend yourself and others.
    3. More than one TQRF-Contractor is allowed on-world, contrary to Mud. It is recommended multiple contractors be on-station and ready to commence operations on the planet.
    4. Feel free to assist any contractor in need whilst off-duty.
    5. Planetary militia stations and police headquarters, as well as camera footage, are available to all TQRF contractors currently on duty. Use these to the best of your ability.
    6. Follow all laws while planetside.

    Rules may be updated as more operations and experience become available.

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