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OOC/IC Announcement concerning the apartments

Discussion in 'Refract Valley' started by MaximumRose, Feb 9, 2017.

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    Oct 11, 2016
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    ((Hello, there is a problem concerning moving the apartments to New Refract. It's built over the line at which the numbers go from their highest back to zero. By that I mean coordinates. In order to copy them I have to do it in small awkward pieces. The new apartments are bigger and better and more private. You guys who live there will have to redecorate the apartments, but I'm making it feasible in character.))

    Announcement from the Founders of Refract Valley

    A building incident has occurred, dear citizens. We've just discovered that one of the companies we order prefabricated building pieces from has not been giving us the quality that we require. While it meets building codes, we demand a higher standard than that. Because we paid for this higher standard, we have begun to take legal action against the company, which exists in council space, so it is much easier to to sue them. We were given a rather sizeable settlement.

    With this money we have decided to renovate a good bit of the Valley. This includes the Civic Center, and it also includes the apartment complex. I apologize, but everyone who resides in the apartments will have to move to the new complex. Do not despair. We do this for you, I promise. Your rooms are larger, they have more amenities. You will not pay more in rent, and everyone gets two weeks of free rent for the inconvenience. The old apartments are not unsafe, they are just not as fortified as we like. We may be being overly cautious, but I ask that you please bare with us, and enjoy your new homes! We will subsidize anything you must pay to re-personalize your apartment.

    Sorry for any inconvenience,
    Refract Valley Staff
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