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Discussion in 'The Ranch' started by Recluse, Dec 8, 2016.

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    Oct 16, 2015
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    This is an official notice to all civilians of this sector. "The Ranch" as most as well as I have come to call it, is closing down. We have enjoyed your choice to work here, shop with us, as well as the few who have chosen to call this their home. Unfortunately, it is no longer sustainable, or deemed safe.

    When I first started this small town, it was but my own home which I built with my own hands, alongside a very intelligent glitch who surpassed me in construction skills tenfold. Together, we built a self sustained, respectable, and goods providing settlement for all who adhered to our rules.

    With confirmed attacks from "The Unforgotten", a seperate rebel entity split off from the main group, as well as other attacks from terrorists, we have been the main place of attack. Because of this, and the relenetless nature that I believe will be occuring over time, I cannot allow civilians here anymore without guilt.
    I will be assisting other colonies after The Ranch has been deconstructed, to provide simple assistance to this sector of space, including a place to do laundry, grocery shop, and of course, properly arm and defend yourself for reasonable and reliable armaments and armor.

    Beginning now however, The Ranch's teleporter is now offline. Only those who live here, and are employees, or guards are permitted through. In time, none will be allowed anymore, and it will soon be available for re-settlement by anyone brave enough. Have a pleasant morning, afternoon, or night, wherever you may be.

    - Gillian "Pain" Plane