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Military Surplus/Grocery Store/Gun Store

Discussion in 'The Ranch' started by Recluse, Oct 28, 2016.

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  1. Recluse

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    Oct 16, 2015
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    A single structured surplus, grocery, and gun store all in one. Selling mostly everything from military surplus stores, grocery stores, and only X-TREME Riotgear weapons and armor, it's a well stocked and busy store for all in the sector.

    Military Surplus: Anything from an online military surplus store you can find IRL you could find here.

    Grocery Store: Think bare minimum; mostly spices, ingredients, canned goods, and local produce of corn, grapes, and tomato's. Sells alcohol and cigarettes/cigars as well.

    The 'V94-P Handgun' is a sturdy, reliable - and most important to you - cheap blaster sidearm without any expenses, being the apex of X-TREME's development into miniaturised blaster-based electronics. Unlike predecessors, the V94-P boasts an enormous energy capacity of up to 100 blasts, keeping you in the engagement and with the upper hand. Price: 299.00

    The latest addition to X-TREME's blaster collection, the 'V102 Energy Assault Rifle' has been brought up to date with the times and delivers on it's promise of a new and improved model from the MK1. Outfitted with a longer emitter rail and larger power slot, the V102 has both a larger energy capacity and fires more powerful bolts, in addition to being far more wieldy than the last. The rifle can fire 20 shots before require a reload. Comes with attachable flashlight. Price: 1,800.00

    Introducing the 'VP23 Submachine Gun': latest in X-TREME compact small armaments. Reliably built with a standard capacity of 30 rounds and high rate of fire, the VP23 is the go-to for a mobile yet formidable offence. The stock is fully foldable, compressing into the weapon when not required, and fully supports suppressor compatibility with sub-sonic ammunition. Comes with inbuilt flashlight. Price: 1,499.00

    The 'VP80-Automatic handgun' is a relatively recent development on an ages-old design; offering a compact, reliable weapon with all the functionality of a pistol-calibre machine gun in a handgun-sized package. Fully compatible with suppressors and sub-sonic ammunition, it provides a solid --and quiet-- addition to any arsenal. With a standard magazine, the weapon is able to support 20 rounds of ammunition, and more with larger magazines. Price: 799.99

    A best seller - the 'VP89 Shotgun' still holds its own even now, and with various updates to the design is still as invaluable as it was before. With a standard magazine size of 12 (though can be made larger with extended magazines) and build a sturdy polymer frame, the VP89 delivers an alarming stopping force. In addition with the latest innovations into blaster-electronics, the shotgun is fitted with an inbuilt blaster 'caster' - a short ranged emitter weapon that delivers a devastating electric blast up close and personal. The caster holds enough charge for 3 blasts before requiring a recharge. Price 2,100.00

    Offering for the home defender and mercenary alike- the X-TREME Riotgear armor features light weight materials, yet sturdy enough to stop any would-be home invader, or pirate in their tracks. Features a helmet, visor, headset, body armor vest, tactical gloves, combat vest, combat cargos, and combat boots, Full set sell only. Price: 3,500.00
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