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Detective's Notes: Case 10967a (Morgan M.)

Discussion in 'Character Journals' started by Amethyst, Apr 1, 2017.

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    Nov 6, 2016
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    [server: /pd002]
    [login: millerje]
    [password: ********]
    [Account verified. User signed in.]
    [Database: New Breliusan Police Department]
    [Welcome, Detective Miller]

    [Start transmission]


    Jenson Miller here. Looks like I've got a high-target case to track here. I'm sure it won't be too out-of-the-ordinary, but I'll reserve judgement for when more paperwork comes in. For now, a background search of the suspect should be enough for one night.

    Running through the system now...

    :Name - Morgan Henri Korpela-Morand
    :Age - 26 years old
    :Height - 5'9"
    :Eyes - Blue
    :Build - Lean
    :parents - Henri Saarinen Korpela (Father), Renée Florence Morand (Mother)
    :Race and Ethnicities - Human - White/Caucasian
    :Notes - Fluent in Finnish and French; Glasses;
    :Occupation - Government Cybersecurity
    :Skills - Software; Music
    :Criminal History - [File 10938a 1x Possession of Illegal Substances][File 10976a - This file is corrupted. Please refer to a server administrator or police officer for help.][Outstanding Warrants - Sedition, Disclosure of classified documents, Breaching of classified databases, Resisting arrest]
    :Medical History - Diagnosed with Glaucoma
    :Residence - New Brelius (expired)

    ...Well, it's...something, anyways. I'll do more digging and hopefully get more details down the pipeline later.

    My guess is, having seemingly disappeared from here, he's probably run off to the Fringe. Next course of action would be to try and track his ship details, though if he's so crafty with computers...it's possible that that might take awhile.

    Whatever this guy leaked, well, it seems like the higher-ups really want him gone. I can only wonder what that much could've been, for now.

    [End transmission]
    [User signed out.]
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