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A Guide to the SSC

Discussion in 'Sunshine Slaughter Center' started by Node, Oct 18, 2015.

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    Does a life of glitz, glamour and gore sound like the life for you? Well then, I'd like to welcome you to...

    [1.0] Overview

    "What is the Sunshine Slaughter Center?", you may be asking. The Sunshine Slaughter Center is a battle arena run by the Sunshine Corporation here in Council. It regularly holds ranked matches in a controlled battle environment for entertainment purposes. But don't let the name scare you off! The Sunshine Slaughter Center is completely "Safe".

    [1.1] "Safe"
    You will not die in the Arena. You can not be killed in the arena. Permanent damage, brutality, and maiming can only happen with consent. Otherwise, fights end simply when one fighter can no longer fight, gives up, or when both fighters are drawn to a stalemate.

    [2.0] Signups and the Fighter Card
    "Well golly, I sure would like to participate!" I hear you cry. Well you are in luck, because the Sunshine Slaughter Center is always scouting for new recruits.


    Signing up is easy. Fill out this fighter card, and send it back to the Sunshine Corporation ((@Node)). You will be required to fill in some paperwork. If approved, you will be scheduled a fight and a date. Failure to show up for a fight without notice will result in a removal from the roster.

    I am sure that this fighter card looks like a handful, but I assure you, it is quite simple.

    [2.1] The Man Behind the Mask
    Audiences don't want to see space Gunslinger A versus Space Gunslinger B.It's lifeless. It has no soul. And the fight is all about the soul. If you aren't having fun, the audience isn't having fun. The Sunshine Slaughter Center strongly encourages you to pick a cool name and outfit. While absolutely not required, we believe that all fighters should take the opportunity to really invent themselves for battle.

    [2.2] The Number Game ((OOC))
    Try not to have an aneurysm. I promise that this is not difficult. You have 20 ranks to assign to 4 stats. These ranks grant you bonuses in battle, and help you get the upper edge on your opponents, and can impact the way you fight.

    STRENGTH determines how hard you hit.
    DODGE helps you gracefully avoid blows.
    ACCURACY lets makes sure you make your mark.
    HEALTH makes sure that you don't go down easily.

    Once you've assigned your 20 ranks across these 4 stats, you can determine your bonuses. The equations are included on the card, and you must always round down from a decimal. However if this math is decidedly too complex for you, here is a sheet that lists bonuses based on rank.

    [2.3] The Special Attack
    Your signature move. This ability is special, in that it has special qualities that either cause unique effects, or boost stats. Perhaps you charge up for a turn to unleash a devastating attack next turn. Or maybe you enter a state of peace, and gracefully dodge during your opponents next turn. Maybe your weapon has a tracker that helps you land precise hits. Your special attack should reflect you!

    The special attack will be reviewed by The Sunshine Corporation, and must be approved before use in battle.

    [3.0] Battle Time! ((OOC))
    So you've been approved. You've gotten your first fight. And now you are standing across from your opponent wondering "What the heck am I doing?". Well, you're about to start dice rolling.

    For the battles I have opted to use Rolz. The room for fights will always be SunshineSlaughter.

    The first roll between players will always be Initiative. This is simply a matter of who goes first. This step only occurs ONCE at the start of battle.

    [3.1] The Battle Loop! ((OOC))
    Once you've determined who's going first, the following section will repeat between the two players until the battle has completed.

    On your turn, you are granted one movement action, and one action. Movements allow you to move around, or scale a level up or down. Actions count as attacks, pushes, or special attacks. Doing nothing, or boasting to the crowd will also use up your turn. You may roleplay all of these appropriately.

    Most moves will include an attack, which begins the attack loop. (Pushes require a dodge and accuracy as well, but do not cause damage).

    The Attacking player will roll a D20 + their Accuracy bonus
    The Defending player will roll a D20 + their Dodge bonus

    If the Defending player rolls a total higher than the Attacking player, the attack is avoided. If the Attacking player rolls a total higher than the Defending player, the attack lands.

    If the Attack lands, the Attacking player will roll a D20. Damage is dealt based on ranges with (1) = 0, (2-5) = 1, (6-10) = 2, (11 - 15) = 3, (16 - 19) = 4, and (20) = 5. The characters strength bonus is then applied and added to the damage.

    After all of that is over, the Attacking player is now Defending and vice versa.

    [3.2] Traps! ((OOC))
    Sometimes its not about being the toughest. Sometimes its about being smart! The Sunshine Slaughter Center is riddled with traps and if you know the lay of the land you can use this to your advantage. Putting your opponents in the way of a trap (Or ending up in the way of a trap yourself), has a chance to make that trap go off (Determined by a D20 roll). Traps deal damage using the same math as player attacks. So getting knocked into the way of a trap by a powerful attack, could quickly finish you off if you have bad luck! Some traps have alarms, so if you hear one going off, watch out!

    [4.0] Ranks
    Climbing the ranks of the SSC is an interesting journey. Every fighter is assigned a Battle Score. Your rank on the charts is determined by this Battle Score number.

    "But why does it matter?", You may wonder to yourself. It's simple. The higher your rank, the stronger you are, with the first ranked fighter having more ranks to put into their stats than anyone else.So your ranks earn you ranks! What could be simpler than that?

    [4.1]Earning Battle Score
    I'm sure you're wondering how you're going to earn yourself some battle score. There are a few ways.

    • Winning battles is the most obvious method. Beating opponents nets you 50% of their total Battle Score. So beating #1 twice will put you as the new champ, or you could always try to convince Ms. Holon to try to let you wail on the low ranks until you hit the top. You might be considered a coward though.
    • Sometimes you don't have to win, you just have to be likable. The more tickets you sell to see your battle it will raise your battle rank. Cherish your fans. With their help, you can climb the ranks.
    • Opt for the SSC Slaughter Science Program (Upon availability). Normal fighters are boring! The Sunshine Corporation wants to use you! For Science! Slaughter Science! You may come out as a mutant freak, but you'll net yourself some sweet battle score. Also you may have some cool powers/tumors.
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