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4/3/2417 Press Release Regarding Starnet News Article

Discussion in 'Refract Valley' started by MaximumRose, Apr 3, 2017.

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    Oct 11, 2016
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    Regarding the linked starnet news article, and its lack of commitment to truth.

    "As Refract Valley finds itself growing larger, many of the Frontier's seedier elements find the colony, which lost a severe amount of its security force recently, the perfect target."

    A month and a half ago, we lost one single Enforcer. This sensationalism is entirely inaccurate. It was not recent, and it was not severe. One Enforcer.

    "In the last month, Refract Valley has endured several attacks, almost all being hostage situations."

    We've had one hostage situation. Their lack of specificity shows their lack of research and fact checking.

    "Some citizens of Refract Valley are concerned that the colony is spending more money on infrastructure than it's security team."

    We are entirely transparent about our budget, and our use of prefabricated building pieces ensures our saved money so that more resources can go to our enforcers and other services.

    "Refract Valley's security team isn't known for it's professionalism. In fact, it's hardly known who is on the security team, and who is."

    The writers lack of proofreading doesn't bode well for the accuracy of the article. Our Enforcers wear badges clearly visible, and uniforms.

    ."A recent situation on the colony, where a citizen ended up shooting and wounding a captured Floran in the colony's Civic Center, found an avian member of the colony's administration team waving a weapon at fleeing individuals."

    The individual who shot the floran was not a citizen, and has since been banned.

    "The member of the administration was impersonating an officer of the colony. This information was relayed by a member of the fleeing group, who asked not to be named."

    The avian this is speaking about was not 'waving a gun' nor was he impersonating an officer. He is the bodyguard of Raybina Primfeather, and he was performing his duties as such. The fleeing group was fleeing for a reason. Their information is untrustworthy by default. We invite anyone to request a look at our security footage of the time, and you will see that this is grossly inaccurate.

    "Concerned citizens find the expensive architecture and expansion of the colony to be detrimental to it's growth."

    If that were true, then we wouldn't be growing so fast. This is conjecture, and once again not cited in facts.

    "As criminal organizations begin to encroach upon the colony, humans and xenos alike emigrate to seek new homes. "I'm developing a new colony because I'm in the belief people need new homes, with better security options in mind (after) seeing so many attacks, after seeing (so many colonies) go down," said Serpentine, a long time resident of the Frontier."

    When we see this new colony, I will be happy for it's owner. Serpentine, however, is not a citizen.

    Our citizens are invited to tell us about any discomfort they're feeling, if they're feeling any at all. This biased and ill-researched piece says nothing about the Valley, other than showing the deep seeded jealousy of those who are not a part of our community.

    Our new approach, as it asks us to develop, has already been developed. We do not tolerate crime. We preach tolerance of all races but no tolerance of stupidity. Do not be swayed by this incredibly unprofessional journalism. Speak to us about your concerns. We are here to help you.

    -Raybina Primfeather
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